Spring's Dapperest Day

Jason and I actually were not supposed to be able to go to Dapper Day this year. I originally had the wrong date marked, and thought it was the date we were supposed (but definitely did not) move into our new home. With the stress and let down of our home buying catastrophe (liens, lawyers, and silent sellers, oh my!), we needed a break and I booked us a reservation at the Plaza restuarant at random. Then I saw on Instagram it was Dapper Day, so I threw together an Alice in Wonderland themed Disneybound with Jason  as Alice and me as the Chesire Cat. There were so many good outfits this year - and great disneybounds, but I'm still not comfortable  randomly photographing other people, especially to put online. So, nevertheless,  here are way too many photos of Jason and I all dressed up.

I also got my photo with Stitch, because he's awesome.

We also tried one of the most delicious, sugary, adorable desserts ever. I'm a big fan of Disney Food Blog (if you love Disney and food, go there now), and I found this article about cake cups! Yup, not cup cakes, CAKE CUPS. All the fun of a cup cake made into a parfait like ordeal in a cup. And it was delicious - though I suggest sharing. We barely made it through this one together (it's really sweet). You'll find it at the Chesire Cafe in Fantasyland.

If you want to go to Dapper Day, they happen every fall and spring at both Disneyland and Disney World. I will be at the next Disney World one in October for sure! If you have questions about it, ask me! I can also suggest some ideas of places to stay (there are some airbnbs around Celebration which is where we stay with my in-laws) or give you an idea of what to expect.


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