Happy National Puppy Day!

Today is National Puppy Day! It's all about celebrating puppies and encouraging adoption.

While my dogs are no longer puppies, they often act like they are still puppies. Nothing beats Teemo's face when he is sticking it out a car window, or Raynor when she is bounding around with a new toy. I've had over 5 years with Raynor and over 4 now with Teemo, and there isn't a moment that goes by that I am so happy I adopted them. They are both mutts - Teemo is not a full corgi, nor are we even sure that Raynor is a 'bagle hound'. But they both have wonderful personalities.

 I wanted to show some 'throwbacks' to the puppy days (or as close as I ever saw Raynor and Teemo to being puppies - I got them at about 5 months and 10 months). One of the big things that has changed with Raynor is her health. Moving away from Ohio (where she was allergic to the type of grass and birch trees) combined with finding a food that benefits her coat and is manufactured well, Raynor looks better than ever and has had barely any vet appointments outside of her checkups. You can see, she's got a beautiful coat now!

Petcurean's Now Fresh line is manufactured well, plus it contains actual meat and veggies, so the dogs have done amazingly well on it. It's not overly fatty or unbalanced either - both pets have easily maintained their weights. You can read more about Raynor and Teemo's switch to Now Fresh here.

 Lately, they have been some sleepy southern dogs though. Here are the more recent 'my dogs love the couch' collection I seem to have been photographing.


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