Roar & Pour

Back closer to Halloween, Jason and I went to the Palm Beach Zoo for an awesome sounding event - beer and food at the zoo with live music. While the event itself was basically us as the only adults, a few canned beer, and store-bought hamburgers, we ended up having a fun time perusing the little zoo and seeing all the animals. It's been years since we've been to a zoo together - and I've never experienced walking around one with a cider in hand for sure!

Katherine at Halloween at Palm Beach Zoo

My dress is a new favorite from Anthropologie that's Plenty by Tracy Reese - it has pockets! And my favorite Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse flats were perfect wandering around with animals.

Palm Beach Zoo FloridaCarousel at Palm Beach ZooFlamingos at the Palm Beach ZooSleepy KangarooMacau at the Palm Beach ZooAngry Orchard at the Palm Beach ZooA Super Grainy Photo of MacausJason at the Palm Beach ZooKatherine at the Palm Beach ZooAztec Structure Palm Beach Zoo


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