I've got a lot of thanks to give here - especially when it comes to my puppies. See, I wasn't really every supposed to get Raynor or Teemo when I did.

Teemo on Thanksgiving 2014

Jason and I had just moved out of our second, tiny apartment into a home with a yard. Both my mom and Jason explicitly told me 'don't move to get a dog.' I moved to get a dog (also we really needed more room) but a few short months later, we found ourselves with a crazed basset mix from rural Kentucky ruling our lives. For my family giving into me too easily, I give thanks.

Raynor on Thanksgiving 2014

Next was Teemo, the 'foster' dog. Jason and I had began fostering that year and had a few dogs in the home before I found a corgi mix on Petfinder while we were drinking at Cheeseburger in Paradise. While Jason was feeling happy from the sugary alcohol concoctions, I showed him a few photos of this corgi with the big ears, and he agreed to let me meet him. The exception? I had to bring the crazy queen basset, who usually scared off little dogs and is a total alpha. I was fortunate that the tiny corgi (Teemo's gained like 15 pounds since I got him) was just as crazy as Raynor, and totally submissive. My parents, actually no one, thought we should be getting a second dog, so he became our 'foster'. For finding the perfect pair to my queen, I give thanks.

Lucy and Teemo on Thanksgiving 2014

I also love that my dogs, despite their shortcomings, get along well with others. I love seeing them on walks with my mother-in-law's 6 pound maltese, Lucy. For their ability not to trample the little one, I give thanks.

Petcurean New Recipe 1

I also give thanks that these two are in good health - they eat a nice food, drink lots of water, and eat very few treats. I give thanks to Petcurean for coming up with a new recipe for their adult food that didn't make them sick (a lot of times just switching flavors can mess up your dog, by the way) and that these pups gobbled up like no tomorrow. The new fish recipe with trout and salmon is great for them - although the smell, I've got to admit, smells like trout and salmon, so while not great, you know it's really in there!

Petcurean New Recipe 3
Back closer to Halloween, Jason and I went to the Palm Beach Zoo for an awesome sounding event - beer and food at the zoo with live music. While the event itself was basically us as the only adults, a few canned beer, and store-bought hamburgers, we ended up having a fun time perusing the little zoo and seeing all the animals. It's been years since we've been to a zoo together - and I've never experienced walking around one with a cider in hand for sure!

Katherine at Halloween at Palm Beach Zoo

My dress is a new favorite from Anthropologie that's Plenty by Tracy Reese - it has pockets! And my favorite Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse flats were perfect wandering around with animals.

Palm Beach Zoo FloridaCarousel at Palm Beach ZooFlamingos at the Palm Beach ZooSleepy KangarooMacau at the Palm Beach ZooAngry Orchard at the Palm Beach ZooA Super Grainy Photo of MacausJason at the Palm Beach ZooKatherine at the Palm Beach ZooAztec Structure Palm Beach Zoo


Jason and I went to the EPCOT Food and Wine Half Marathon Finish Line Party with my sister-in-law and her fiancee (who ran the race) this past weekend. While I planned on taking many more photos, it began raining around 6PM (we got there at 5PM) and never stopped. My camera is not all that waterproof, so I wasn't able to get any photos from the actual event, but I did get a few shots!

Jason and Katherine at EpcotCraft Beer Stamp EPCOTCheese Beer and Crackers at EPCOTCroissant Doughtnut from EPCOTEPCOT Food and WineBeers at Big River Grille BrewingFireworks at Epcot
Cincinnati Mural Art

Since I've left Cincinnati, I've consistently referred to it as 'home' and not the place I'm living. I haven't been back since I've lived in Florida, and it's weird as it's definitely where I'm from, but it's not my home any more. I'm surprised by how many things changed. Here are some photos from the weekend - visiting my favorite beer store's new brewery Ei8ht Ball, getting cookies and pretzels at Servatii, and beers with friends in OTR.

Servatii Pastry Ei8ht  Ball BeerServatii Pastry ShopCookies BengalsServatii CookiesServatii PretzelKatherine. Joe and Kevin