So What Is Disneybounding?

I think Disney bounding is going to come up a lot on this blog. So I think it's pretty important I offer you up an explanation as to what in the world it is that I can refer back to often. So... Disney bounding is for people who love fashion and also Disney - like me. You look into your own closet (or basically normal-ish clothing) and create looks inspired by Disney characters. There is an awesome blog, Disney Bound, that explains all of this. And there are TONS of Disney inspired looks there.  Here are looks I've done in the past:

Disneybound as Stitch


Minnie Mouse

Snow White Inspired Outfit

Snow White (reversed)

Belle (Beauty and the Beast)


  1. So cool! Never realized that you really have so much disney closet. I wonder if I open my closet I can make some Disney mixes :)

  2. I love Disneybounding!! And your outfits are the cutest. I have a Minnie do (of course), Pocahontas, Belle, 101 Dalmatians, and Lilo! And I guess technically my Mara Jade outfit counts too, sort of - - - and my marvel supers! November - February are my preferred bounding months and I am so excited now that they're almost here.

  3. I have such a soft spot for Disney movies! The little mermaid will forever be my favorite though. Your outfits are all so cute! I've never heard of Disneybounding before, I love the Minnie outfit!


  4. I really love this idea! All of these are so subtle but once you say it I can totally see it!

  5. I've vaguely heard of Disneybounding before but now you've really explained it. That sounds like a great idea! If I ever make it back to Disney I'll have to wear an outfit inspired by a character. (Probably Ariel, knowing me!)

    Jamie |


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