Long Walks in Quiet Waters

One of our favorite daily activities is the dog walks. We don't own a backyard, nor do we really need to in order to exercise these two, because it's lovely weather and we have a lot of paths and areas to walk. We live across from a pretty large city park called Quiet Waters, which is free to enter on weekdays and cheap entry on weekdays, and we love to go and walk around the lake which has people on this water skiing track called Ski Rixen. There is nothing I love more than photos of my dogs pooped from good, long walks at a park. Teemo also played with his first coconut!

Teemo and Coconut 2Raynor and  Teemo at the ParkRaynor Walking In The ParkTeemo At The ParkRaynor at the ParkFamily Shadows Walking At ParkTeemo is so Tired!


  1. oh yes, it's such a joy to walk your dogs esp when they are two or more!

  2. awww! I have a pug at home and he really loves going on long walks :D
    The Shopaholic Diaries

  3. I have a german shepherd, and he is too lazy... xD

  4. That last face is one of sheer happiness =-)


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