Autumn in Orlando

Pumpkinhead Mickey Mouse at the Magic Kingdom

While these photos were taken nearly a month ago when we went to Disney for Labor Day, it was still during the unofficial 'start of fall'. The Magic Kingdom was already full of pumpkins and adorable fall decor - funny since the temperatures were over 100 degrees. It's so beautiful to see the fall decor but it definitely has a real disconnect since now that it's October, little has changed here in Florida. Anyhow, Labor Day is a wonderful time to visit Disney - it's surprising uncrowded (the last weekend in September, a random non-holiday, was more crowded), beautiful with the fall decor, and during my personal favorite holiday.

So you all know about the new Fantasyland, right? I'm a big fan of Be Our Guest (not that I've been able to get in since our first visit), and I was SO excited to ride the new Seven Dwarves Mine Train. We stood in the line (only an hour this day) and I gotta say, I liked the line more than the ride. See the photos below of all the line details. There was a cool, interactive water/music deal with animal heads, and barrels of gems that you spun to project images on the ceiling. The ride itself was a bit too short for me, but it's definitely a good ride still.

Vault at Seven Dwarves Mine TrainDoc's Note at the Seven Dwarves Mine TrainDetails at Seven Dwarves Mine RideKatherine in Line at Seven Dwarves Mine TrainHello Kitty Bow Ring and Seven Dwarves Mine TrainKey on Door Seven Dwarves Mine TrainGems at Seven Dwarves Mine Ride

I also Disney Bounded as Stitch! Jason hasn't gotten into Disneybounding yet. It was hard enough to get him into his Dapper Day attire (that will be a future Disney post!), but I love basing my outfits off of my favorite Disney characters. See a few shots below of the blues on blue with a red accent to represent his collar. (PS. Aren't Boston Terriers the 'if Stitch were actually a dog this would be what he would be')

Katherine at Tomorrowland
Wandering Around At Disney
Also - DOLE WHIP! Seriously, amazing stuff. We found out a secret - there are two sides to the line. And the weird part? The right side, in the shade, is actually shorter. Plus, instead of a normal Dole float, another Florida passholder in front of us keyed us into a delicious mix - pineapple Dole whip with Sprite float!

Dole Whip at Disney


  1. I've never heard of Dole whip (and had to look at what Disney Bounding was). I learn new things from your blog...

    The Snow White stuff looked cool!

  2. I had no idea that dressing up as a modern version of a Disney character actually had a name! I did that a couple of times as Minnie Mouse! I wish I lived closer to Disney. I also never heard of Dole whip. what exactly is it? Like ice cream?


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