Wood Is Rising

I've really become smitten with Wynwood, and I love going down for some good food and a beer. It's a new feeling of everything being so close but people acting like it's so far. Miami is a shorter drive away than some of my old commutes to work, but everyone acts like it's a different state or something. This little area in particular is a breath of fresh air and is more like some of the old places we used to hang out way back when. It was nice to visit with my husband, finally, and our close friend Leah.

WynwoodWynwoodP1120103 copyWynwoodShrimp CevicheWynwoodWynwoodWynwoodWynwood

dress :: anthropologie // flats :: jessica simpson // ring :: kate spade
bag :: valhalla brooklyn // sunnies :: ray ban


  1. Looks like a fun place! I love these pictures and the wall you found to pose in front of. I understand the long commute thing. I'm always confused when people complain about their commutes and they're less than a half hour too. They need to try commuting into Atlanta some time! Anything an hour or so away is close!

    Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

  2. Very cool! I love street art! I recently went around photographing street murals in my area, and I kept thinking that if I was a fashion blogger, it would be perfect for some OOTD shots!

  3. Gorgeous pictures <3 looks like a great place! Love your hairlook!!

  4. I almost bought that dress! It looks lovely on you :) And that looks like a neat place! When I visited my friend in Miami earlier this year, it did seem like things were spread out pretty far... but I think coming from the Philadelphia/eastern PA area, we're kinda used to that too!

  5. I love your hair in that last photo!!!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away Advice & Fashion Blog

  6. Looks like FUN. And I so need to know how you did your hair, it looks gorgeous.

  7. You look stunning <3 This dress is so cute <3 I have same necklace as you have ring <3 *twinsagain*! and the murals are so beautiful wow <3


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