Looking Back:: The Pups

This blog was originally named 'Of Corgis and Cocktails' because it was just me, my corgi mix Teemo, and a lot of alcohol I brought from Ohio who moved to Pennsylvania alone. My husband and basset mix were chilling down in Orlando, Florida, while Teemo and I were stuck in central Pennsylvania roughing it. We moved back in together awhile ago (and back apart again only a few months ago) but we're all back together now. Our pups are troopers - moving across the country multiple times, traveling a lot, and what not - and we love them dearly. Here's a few highlights of their lives over the past few years.

We taught Teemo to bubble hunt, which is downright awesome.

We moved the family to south Florida, me and the pups going down alone in February and Jason joining us in June.

Teemo and Raynor
They've devoured over 300 pounds of Petcurean Now Fresh! dog food, and they look amazing!

They also ate lots and lots of puppy snacks.

There were lots of puppy cuddles

They got dressed up in all sorts of embarrassing outfits.

They moved into their first home with lots of stairs in Lancaster, PA

There were lots of silly tricks

And some seriously ridiculous holiday photos.


  1. Cute- I love seeing and hearing about people and their dogs. This is a loving look at your two.

  2. I love to see family albums where dogs are a family member.. They are just too cute!!! One day I want to have a Corgi or a Chiweenie ^^ By the way love the hat that you have on the second photo :)

  3. I love this duo so much. So much has happened since I first stumbled across your blog! Best wishes as now your entire family is back together again in sunny Florida!

  4. This is pretty much the cutest post ever.


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