I feel like one of the most important parts of my relationship and life is food. I mean, food keeps me alive, but it's also amazing and delicious. Here are some of my all time favorites from over the years.



Kush Frita Burger
Frita Burger, KUSH, Wynwood, Florida

Shrimp and Pear Salad
Shrimp and Pear Salad, Oceans 234, Deerfield Beach, Florida

#sugarshock hanging downtown with @guywithpi #lancaster #donut #food #sprinkles
Donut, Fractured Prune, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Macarons from Rice and Noodles
Macaraons, Rice and Noodles, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Geno's Steaks
Cheesesteak, Geno's Steaks, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Tom + Chee :: BBQ Chip Grilled Cheese

Pennsylvania Country Side
Pretzel, Immergut Pretzels, Intercourse, Pennsylvania

Hungry Andy's
Pit Beef Sandwich, Hungry Andy's, Baltimore, Maryland
One of the things about moving out of Ohio was that we really started to travel more than we ever did before. With Jason's new job having him travel a lot, we are excited to see all of the new places we go next. Meanwhile, I'm reminiscing on the places we've been. Here's a general list of the places we've gone and things we've done. I'm itching for another trip soon!

Anthropologie Windward Halter Dress at Baltimore Harbor
Baltimore, Maryland

jason and i
Kauai, Hawaii

st. louis
St. Louis, Missouri

main street washington
Washington, Missouri

magic kingdom
Universal Studios, Florida

magic kingdom
Walt Disney World, Florida
getting close to...
Atlanta, Georgia

bridge of technology
Blacksburg (Virginia Tech), Virginia

a perfect sky
Anaheim, California

Create Your Own Candy Bar!
Hershey, Pennsylvania

Capitol Pup>
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Anthropologie Navy and Gold Dress
Boca Raton, Florida

Akron, Ohio

Las Vegas, NV

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Hampden, Maryland

Athens, Georgia

Wynwood, Florida

New York, NY

Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

Cincinnati, Ohio

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Centralia, Pennsylvania

Bardstown, Kentucky

jour deux cent quarante huit
Corbin, Kentucky

circular bridge
Louisville, Kentucky

The Islands of the Bahamas
Nassau, Bahamas

We don't have any new trips planned - a lot of our time off will be put towards going back to Ohio to visit family for the first time since coming to Florida, but, any and all suggestions on where to go next are welcomed!
This blog was originally named 'Of Corgis and Cocktails' because it was just me, my corgi mix Teemo, and a lot of alcohol I brought from Ohio who moved to Pennsylvania alone. My husband and basset mix were chilling down in Orlando, Florida, while Teemo and I were stuck in central Pennsylvania roughing it. We moved back in together awhile ago (and back apart again only a few months ago) but we're all back together now. Our pups are troopers - moving across the country multiple times, traveling a lot, and what not - and we love them dearly. Here's a few highlights of their lives over the past few years.

We taught Teemo to bubble hunt, which is downright awesome.

We moved the family to south Florida, me and the pups going down alone in February and Jason joining us in June.

Teemo and Raynor
They've devoured over 300 pounds of Petcurean Now Fresh! dog food, and they look amazing!

They also ate lots and lots of puppy snacks.

There were lots of puppy cuddles

They got dressed up in all sorts of embarrassing outfits.

They moved into their first home with lots of stairs in Lancaster, PA

There were lots of silly tricks

And some seriously ridiculous holiday photos.
While both mine and Jason's love for Disney spans far beyond the time of Of Corgis & Cocktails and blogging in general, for someone who has lived in Florida for only a small amount of time, I have quite a few posts about Disney and plenty of photo memories. Here are some of my favorite photos from the past three years.

When You're Curious (Downtown Disney Outfit)
December 2013

park starz : ice gator
November 2011

Balloon At Disney
August 2014

January 2013

Sunshine & Daisies
November 2011

Jason Katherine and Stitch
June 2014

Katherine and Jason Hollywood Studios Star Wars Weekend
June 2013

Mickey Pretzel! Yum!
January 2013

France Pavillion
September 2012

Disney is just one of the many things that Jason and I love. We always look forward to our trips and finding new things at the parks. We are so exited for our next trip - that celebrates Jason's new job, our big move to Florida, and everything that is to come!