The tides will come and go

There is something different about a river in Florida versus a river in the midwest. I'm not sure if it's the proximity to the ocean, or how many people are keen to live on it (not really a common thing in my area to want to live all that close to the riverbank - floods, y'know), or what it is, but walking along the riverfront park in Fort Lauderdale feels like a different world. The first time we came into Fort Lauderdale for my interview (an experience not shared on my blog and really not documented at all except for two or three photos), I was amazed at the amount of boats and activity on the rivers and canals all throughout the area. I always thought TV shows depicting a restaurant where boats would dock like people would drive them instead of cars was a fancy lie. It's not. It's just still totally amazing to me. Which is why it always is nice to stumble upon little tidbits of home, like a random clock made in Cincinnati in the middle of this little park.

Clock Downtown Fort LauderdaleCambridge Satchel and Tamsin Maxi DressLightning Bolt NecklaceBracelet and Fleur De LieFort Lauderdale Boat StatueDuck at ParkBlue and White Striped Dress

I've been a little homesick lately - this is the longest I've been without visiting my home town in my life - so a nice riverfront walk was actually something that reminded me of days at Newport on the Levee back home with Jason. Over the years, I've realized that certain memories make me feel 'home', and I'm never quite sure if it's because I'm reminded of the place or merely memories where I was truly at peace. Anyhow, this was a really nice relaxing evening walking along the river then dining at a local restaurant - short rib grilled cheese, loaded tots, and key lime pie in a mason jar. Yum yum.

Menu at ROKBRGRGrilled Cheese and Fries at ROKBRGRKatherine in Fort Lauderdale ParkKatherine at Fort LauderdaleOld Fort Lauderdale VillageStriped Maxi Dress and Brown Leather Satchel

dress :: anthropologie // belt :: target // flats :: seychelles
barette :: free people // bracelts :: vintage // necklace :: c/o crave jewelry design


  1. Gorgeous maxi dress! Glad to know the boats being used as cars isn't a lie. I always wondered too, honestly.

  2. the views are so perfect! I wish I had more time in Ft. Lauderdale this may.
    You dress is stunning! I should have it as well

  3. I understand how you feel...! But sometimes memories are not enough for me.
    This dress looks gorgeous on you! And those fries look delish!


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