The Columbia

I've shown pictures from The Columbia many, many times on this blog before, dating back to nearly 2 years ago now. It's a favorite restaurant of mine in Central Florida - with consistently good food and service. Columbian food wasn't something that was common to come by in southwest Ohio - in fact, I hadn't had it until the family began to live in Florida. We have enjoyed many meals here - it's best for Tapas and sharing in my opinion, but their entrees are delicious as well. The best part though? Tableside Sangria! It's so yummy. Also - the freshly baked, warm bread that comes with your meal is to die for, but really easy to fill up on. The location we visit is in downtown Celebration, but there are a few other locations as well. If you want to know more, my (recently updated) Yelp review is here.

Columbia Entrance Columbia Restaurant : CelebrationCuban Bread ColumbiaDessert at The ColumbiaTapas at The ColumbiaMahi Mahi CubanaColumbia Celebration OutsideColumbia RestauranteColumbia Menu and SunniesColumbia Interior


  1. Looks delicious! And I'm nearby, so I think I may have to try this out. Although, it's Cuban and Spanish cuisine, not actually Colombian - as I was saucily just informed by my Colombian chef friend, haha. But it's all good, because now I get to go try this place, and then I have a dinner invite to try actual Colombian food, so... double win.

  2. No fair! That food looks so amazing and is so far away.


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