The Big Battle

Last weekend, we went to a local burger battle with friends. I was so excited to go, but I have to say, I think I set myself up for disappointment. Tons of people plus burgers cooked way too fast is actually not great, especially when combined with a hot Florida day. They ran out of beer (and water and pretty much beverages in general) by two hours into the four hour event. Bad planning! We still had fun though, and at least got a few quick snaps while the sun was still up and the event wasn't too crowded.

Giant BurgerSky Blue Dress and Tote BagKatherine at Boca Burger BattlePretzel Ring and Bow RingBoca Burger Battle OutfitBAMF Burger SignBlue LOFT Dress and Heels

dress :: loft // belt :: modcloth // heels :: steve madden
tote :: handmade // rings :: kiel mead and kate spade // necklace :: j crew
sunnies :: ray ban // headband :: forever 21


  1. That burger looks INTENSE. I looked at it for a good few seconds when I saw it pop up on Flickr, hahaha. Not gonna lie. Yeah, the heat is starting to turn up, isn't it? But you manage to look so cyoot nonetheless. Yes, you read that right, CYOOT!

  2. Bummer the drinks ran out, but dang, that is a real American burger. Love the dress you wore for the occasion!


  3. Is that burger literally huge, or is it just the picture?! It looks MASSIVE and delicious. That sucks about the beverages though :\

  4. What is a burger battle? Is this a burger eating contest? I love the dress in the these photos, you look totally stunning girl!

  5. Mmm burgers. I've eaten way too many burgers this past month but it's hard to get sick of them. That sucks that this event ran out of beer though. What's a food-related event without beer anyway?

    Also you looked super cute in that summery dress. I love your pretzel ring so much.

    Jamie |

  6. Well.... the burger looks good anyway...


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