Patriotic Krispies

Patriotic Rice Krispies

Rice Krispie treats. Oh such an American tradition - and so easy to make too! This recipe is simple - and uses basically the entire box of Rice Krispies so you aren't stuck with half a box left over. It also takes the difficulty up a notch because working to split hot crisped rice and marshmallow into three and layer them requires some quick movements. When it's all said and done though - it makes for an adorable treat.

Rice Krispies Ingredients

what you'll need
2 10.5 ounce bags of mini marshmallows // 1 stick of butter // 1 box of rice krispies
pure vanilla extract or vanilla bean //  food coloring (red and blue for this particular version)
stock pot // 3 spoons to stir // 8" x 8" pan // cooking spray // sptaula

Red and Blue Food Coloring

Set aside two bowls. One for red krispies and one for blue. I like to add a few drops of food coloring to the bottom - it helps when you are trying to stir really quickly and get the color to be even.

I like to make my rice krispies in a giant stock pot these days. It's easier than the microwave actually - believe it or not. Start by melting the stick of butter over medium heat with the 2 bags of marshmallow until they form a creamy spread. Be careful not to cook too hot or they will burn!

Coloring Rice Krispies

Once you have melted the marshmallows and butter, add in the entire box of Rice Krispies slowly. I add in  by about a quarter of the box at a time. After they are added, split the mix into thirds - 1/3rd into the red food coloring bowl you set aside, 1/3rd into the blue one, and 1/3rd left in the pan. Add additional food coloring to each the red and blue mixture, and stir well until the krispies are evenly coated.

Rice Krispie Trick

Spray an 8"x8" pan with cooking spray. Put the first 1/3rd (I do white) into the prepared pan. Using a spatula that you spray lightly with cooking spray, press the krispies down into the first layer.

Layered Rice Krispies

Repeat the spatula process for each color, being sure to clean in between so you do not mix colors.

Red White and Blue Rice Krispies

Let sit in the refrigerator for an hour to cool. This really eases the cutting process! Cut into small cubes - I do a 6 x 6 grid. For parties, I suggest sticking toothpicks in - it makes them easier to pick up!

Red White and Blue Rice Cripsys


  1. 'Murica. These are so much fun. I always enjoy your little recipes because yu style them so CUTE. Seriously, I love how you took so much care with backdrop and even the pictures of the food coloring itself. ALL SO LOVELY, KATHERINE.<3

  2. I'm actually going to a party and we are supposed to bring something....I think I'm going to make these!!


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