Back In The Action

While I'm sad I had a long hiatus (for me) due to some issues with Adobe, it's also fairly refreshing. Life is pretty hectic these days - I'm not exactly sure why it feels like I have less time here than I used to back in Pennsylvania. I'm honestly chalking it up to getting older, but I feel like I'm a little too young to use that excuse. Especially if I'm still interested in running around a local park on a Friday evening. Jason and I spent some time exploring a park that is down the road and taking photos - mostly because of the awesome carousel. I really do love all that there is to do around here.

Black and White Striped Dress with Blue AccentsBoca Raton Blue FlatsKatherine and ManateeBow Back DressGolden Coin NecklaceOff We Go Clutch and CarouselLarge Wooden Face At ParkBlue Bow Back Dress and Carousel

dress :: a'gaci // belt :: anthropologie // flats :: j crew // clutch :: kate spade
bangles :: kate spade // rings :: kiel mead & old navy // necklace :: target


  1. Sometimes you need a break. Don't worry, we know you're out there, alive, and kickin'! ;) I absolutely adore that dress on you. I hope you've gotten some relaxing done with all the hecticness. I know I want to skip a week myself every now and then haha!

  2. Love the manatee! And that little clutch is too perfect. I drove through Boca recently but didn't get to stop and explore - it looks interesting! Maybe when we go to the Miami Zoo we'll make a pit stop.

  3. A delightful dress for a delightful outing!

  4. Adorable outfit (and you KNOW I love that Kate Spade clutch), and the carousel is perfect for a background!

    xox Sammi


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