Allez Les Bleus

So, if you like the World Cup, you by now know my team lost :( I've always rooted for the French team - at least since I was in high school and visited France, where I learned more about the World Cup and experienced the amazing comradery among people who had never met, but shared the same common love of their country. At the time, at least where I grew up, no one was really into it. Though, the experience has been very different in South Florida with many more people involved and interested, which makes it more fun. France played Germany on the 4th - so Jason and I started our Independence Day drinking delicious beers at Sea Dog and watching the game. It was a great start to such a fun holiday.

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We spent the rest of our day relaxing in Celebration with the pups and watching fireworks. They are such great dogs during fireworks - they aren't drawn towards them, but they are not terribly frightened by them either.

Katherine and Teemo France OutfitQuit Talking Quote Tote BagKatherine and Teemo

jersey :: from a shop in paris, years ago // skirt :: francesca's // keds :: kate spade x keds
bag :: handmade // bracelet :: market in paris // ring :: gorjana griffin


  1. It has been so interesting to see how people are reacting to the World Cup this year. Last time it happened, I was in Prague for the month and it was very intense to see the great crowds that would gather to watch in the Old Town square and listen to people passionately explain to me different football strategies etc. (though, the pubs were strangely empty the first game I watched. Found out later Germany was not a popular team in the area.) Meanwhile, it was something rarely talked about in the US. nice to see it catching on more.

    Glad you were enjoying it.

  2. Whenever you come around (and you must!) we'll take you to the best football (soccer) stadium in Portugal! And needless to say we too take football very seriously around here. If we're out on the street and we're wearing the same colors than we are (nearly) best friends! I'm so happy you enjoyed the World Cup! =D

  3. I love your jersey!

    I've been following the World Cup too. :)

    ♥ Naomi Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups

  4. Sounds like how we spent our 4th! We started the day off at our local pub with beers and the game... I was rooting for France and Shawn rooted for Germany... at least the game was fun to watch!

  5. I love how you styled this jersey in such a cute way with that red skirt! Such a perfect outfit to watch a soccer match. I watched a couple of the US games but that was about the extent of my World Cup watching. I'm just not a sports girl, but what I watched was fun! It's always better watching with beer around!

    Jamie |


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