VertDash Collar

Raynor and I have been bonding since moving to Florida - it's a place the two of us both enjoy. She's become my sidekick more and more here - following me around the house, being right by my side at walks, and cuddling me at night. Raynor has been around longer than Teemo, despite my blog name, and was my first dog, ever. She's helped me through college, many moves, and more. When we were apart, she carried a sweatshirt of mine around with her. Anyhow, this story is exactly why I loved the Wolfgang story. A bunch of product designers (like I once was, once upon a time) loved their dogs and product design and decided to mix the two and start this company. I'm in love. This leash and collar set is so very product designer-y - clean lines, a cute, custom tag, and of course, a very linear, well thought out pattern. Red is Raynor's color too, don't you think?

WolfGang Man Beash Collar

I'm in love with my collar and leash sets - this one is great, but as it is a buckle collar, it's definitely more decorative for Raynor. I'm into decorative collars though - and breakaway collars like this are great for when she goes to the kennel. The leash is my favorite part though - the material is smoother than other nylons and easier for me to wrap around my hand.

VertDash Leash


  1. It is always so enjoyable to me to learn more about your dogs <3


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