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Cruise Packing Contents

I'm a huge planner - which is why I pack early to make sure I don't forget a single thing. Packing clothing is always important, of course I plan out outfits, but my carry on is where things get a bit tricky. On a cruise you don't have access to your luggage for the first few hours, so you have to
  1. pack anything you don't want to lose,
  2. pack a bag that's small, portable, and not terrible enough to carry around the boat
  3. and pack anything, like a swimsuit, that you will need during those hours.
Here's what I packed :

Whats in my bag Cruise

large kate spade tote :: I like a bag that can double as a beach bag // overnight and be sturdy and stylish at the same time. This bag is my favorite for that.
swimsuit :: great for going swimming early and killing time!
sunscreen :: seriously, so essential I can't even tell you.
extra camera lenses and accessories :: I keep my batteries, lenses, and anything with me. On the off change something is lost if they go through my luggage (or stolen), I don't want it to be my battery charger.
key makeup :: concealer and lip balm for after hopping in the pool.
medicine :: the mint tin up there is actually where I keep advil/vitamins/allergy medicine etc. I also had Dramamine and Pepto Bismo on hand.
Wallet :: Definitely keep this one with you at all times! You're going to need ID and often.
Sunnies :: I carry two pairs at least at all times. Always good to have a change, especially in a lot of sun. What if you accidentally sit on a pair (It's happened to me :) )
Cell Phone and Charger :: While they are useful during the cruise, you will need them to get there and back. Funny thing, is after this picture, my cell phone was sent back to the manufacturer because it died! I didn't have a phone from when I left for the cruise to the next Wednesday.
Kindle or Tablet :: Something to read is so great for lazy days by the pool. My Kindle has got to be one of my favorite things ever.
Dental Floss :: A weird one, but there is so much food on the cruise, and I like to keep it handy.
Extra Battery :: My spare battery not only charges my phone, but my Kindle also. I mostly brought it in case my Kindle somehow lost battery and I needed extra juice by the water.
folded canvas tote :: Perfect for throwing a few small things in to go to the pool with (you can access your room fairly early).

Beer for the Cruise

One of the amazing things about the Disney cruises that most others do not allow is you are allowed to bring some alcohol on. We both brought a six pack that we specifically picked out each bottle for the cruise. While we couldn't drink them during dinner or anything, we were able to enjoy them in our room on our verandah during the evening which was really nice (and saved some money!)

Cruise Packing Detail

That's what I brought along - but I am sure there are many other suggestions. What do you bring with you on a cruise?


  1. Hmmm, I've never been on a cruise but you make it sound fun. I like your planning in what you packed; always fun to see in someone's bag.

  2. I'm looking into going on a cruise, they look so fun! I'm so interested in reading everything I possibly can about them. I would probably pack very similar and have electricals, swimmers, suncream and sunglasses in my carry on. I've heard people say bringing some clothes to wear to dinner with you is a good idea, incase you don't get your bags delivered to your cabin until after dinner, but I would probably wear something appropriate when boarding.

  3. I took a cruise (Princess) in June and had mixed feelings about it. I love being a voyeur regarding other people's packing lists -- and I think it's great that Disney allows you to bring beer aboard. I think we were allowed a bottle or two of wine. I don't remember, we bought booze in port.
    xx Abby a geek tragedy

  4. I've never been on a cruise, so I wouldn't know what to pack, other than pretty dresses and swimsuits! Haven't tried any of those beers, either (my bet is we can't find some of them up here...) but they sure look/sound tasty!

  5. You have such cute stuff, your swimsuit, purse and even your beer is cute!
    Two Hearts One Roof


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