Sunshine On a Rainy Day

Being in a new area is always so fun - especially being in one you are pretty darn smitten with. There are definitely things here that make me feel like a kid experiencing them for the first time - because in a way I am. For instance, in Ohio, shopping centers are never full of greenery and quite so pretty and pruned as they are here. I can't tell you how many time I've passed a place or totally believe it wasn't there because the amount of trees in front of the buildings hides it from view of the main road. It also makes me think my outfit photos have gotten a little too easy here.

Ice Cream Dress and Jamba Juice

Another thing - summer here is different. I think everyone has this idea that Florida summers are just painfully hot, like 110 degrees, and sunny. But it rains. All. Of. The Time. Take these photos for instance. When we pulled into the parking lot for the Jamba Juice/Whole Foods trip, it was sunny. 10 minutes later, when the camera is out, it starts raining. But at least we got a few quick shots before the big storm came.

Teal Ice Cream Print DressNecklace and SunniesThe Way To Get StartedModcloth Ice  Cream Print DressPineapple RingTeal and Yellow Modcloth Dress
dress :: modcloth // necklace :: target // belt :: target
bag :: handmade // sandals :: nine west via amazon // sunnies :: ray ban


  1. I always thought that Florida summers would be unbearable, but assumed that it wasn't that way until like August. I went in June once and it wasn't bad at all. Florida is crazy with it's rain. It'll rain for like...15 minutes out of nowhere and then it's done!

  2. I spent last summer in Texas and it was kind of like that at times too. It would just randomly rain and then stop. So strange to a CA girl like me! I'm sure it rains much more in Florida though. Very cute dress! How appropriate for your new home!

    xoxo Jess
    Foreign Room

  3. Ugh its been raining here too, but not super warm, so it doesn't even seem like summer.

  4. love your tote bag :) and that dress, I think I am going to get that same dress in a different print, you have inspired me :)

  5. So glad you are loving your new home. This dress seems to fit with all the greenery!

  6. florida summers are definitely unique. anytime i've been there in the summer i make sure to bring an umbrella everywhere. love your dress!

  7. We keep having those random summer showers too and it's so hot. Florida is definitely worse than Georgia though! I love your cute dress here and that pineapple ring is awesome.


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