Monkey Business

Somewhere in the past few years, outfit photos have gotten harder. There are definitely times where it is easy to focus on taking photos for an extended period of time - mostly when we are on vacation or visiting somewhere new. And it is surprisingly definitely easier when I'm on my own. But on days when we are running errands and just out to lunch, it can seem like such a problem to try and search out somewhere interesting to take photos. I'm fortunate to be in a pretty cute area now - these photos taken in downtown Boca Raton are nice just because Mizner Park is upkept and kind of fanciful. It is sometimes at first glance disappointing to me that I have to take photos in a pinch sometimes - then I realize how fairly frivolous it is that I have the time to do these things at all. These photos were taken on 'errand day' - usually a day where we plan some meals for the week while eating brunch/lunch and then run any errands we need to. Shorts are a necessity down here - as are blouses like this that are thin and breathable!

Anthropologie Blouse and Denim ShortsTarget Red SandalsNavy Blouse and Denim Shorts Summer OutfitMonkey Print Blouse and Beetle NecklaceDowntown Boca Raton

blouse :: anthropologie // shorts :: target // belt :: agaci
bag :: handmade // sunnies :: ray ban  // necklace :: fossil


  1. cute! I love your monkey print shirt it's subtle in the two tone colors :) and your printed glasses are so fun :)

  2. It is so rare to see you know in a skirt, but I actually really love this look. I like the different-for-you neckline and the belt is cute too!

    Definitely know what you mean about how during some periods of time it seems easier to take photos than other periods.


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