Somewhere in the past few years, outfit photos have gotten harder. There are definitely times where it is easy to focus on taking photos for an extended period of time - mostly when we are on vacation or visiting somewhere new. And it is surprisingly definitely easier when I'm on my own. But on days when we are running errands and just out to lunch, it can seem like such a problem to try and search out somewhere interesting to take photos. I'm fortunate to be in a pretty cute area now - these photos taken in downtown Boca Raton are nice just because Mizner Park is upkept and kind of fanciful. It is sometimes at first glance disappointing to me that I have to take photos in a pinch sometimes - then I realize how fairly frivolous it is that I have the time to do these things at all. These photos were taken on 'errand day' - usually a day where we plan some meals for the week while eating brunch/lunch and then run any errands we need to. Shorts are a necessity down here - as are blouses like this that are thin and breathable!

Anthropologie Blouse and Denim ShortsTarget Red SandalsNavy Blouse and Denim Shorts Summer OutfitMonkey Print Blouse and Beetle NecklaceDowntown Boca Raton

blouse :: anthropologie // shorts :: target // belt :: agaci
bag :: handmade // sunnies :: ray ban  // necklace :: fossil
Being in a new area is always so fun - especially being in one you are pretty darn smitten with. There are definitely things here that make me feel like a kid experiencing them for the first time - because in a way I am. For instance, in Ohio, shopping centers are never full of greenery and quite so pretty and pruned as they are here. I can't tell you how many time I've passed a place or totally believe it wasn't there because the amount of trees in front of the buildings hides it from view of the main road. It also makes me think my outfit photos have gotten a little too easy here.

Ice Cream Dress and Jamba Juice

Another thing - summer here is different. I think everyone has this idea that Florida summers are just painfully hot, like 110 degrees, and sunny. But it rains. All. Of. The Time. Take these photos for instance. When we pulled into the parking lot for the Jamba Juice/Whole Foods trip, it was sunny. 10 minutes later, when the camera is out, it starts raining. But at least we got a few quick shots before the big storm came.

Teal Ice Cream Print DressNecklace and SunniesThe Way To Get StartedModcloth Ice  Cream Print DressPineapple RingTeal and Yellow Modcloth Dress
dress :: modcloth // necklace :: target // belt :: target
bag :: handmade // sandals :: nine west via amazon // sunnies :: ray ban
Black and White Street Art

I love travel - I feel like the amount of places I take you with me here on my blog makes that evident. This love to travel is because I'm definitely a curious person, and I'm always researching new places to go and things to see. Whenever I get a destination in mind or know I will be visiting somewhere, I take to the web!

Find A Destination
Look up things that interest you around the area you are in or within a few hours.

Here's one of the recent places I visited (all on my own the first time) that was totally fueled by what I came up with in search engines. The internet is full of knowledge, but it can be really overwhelming. Here's what I have learned in terms of getting all the info that's organized, relevant, and good.

Images Are Great, But....
Photos can be deceiving. I know it well, sometimes I look at the photos I've taken and I think 'man, that was actually a crap location/boring place, but we just found the perfect spot.' Don't trust the camera! Let it give you an idea of what you want to see, but research the place and some reviews before traveling there on a photo alone. For instance, the photo outlined above in the middle of the results - it's a part of Wynwood, but it's not complete yet and the things inside are coming soon! Would have been disappointing if I thought that was an area of shops I was planning on spending time at. Be sure to dig deep.

Plan To Avoid Stress
Getting a good idea of what is around the area will help you a ton. You won't get as lost, you'll have an idea of where you want to go, and won't waste time being stressed out that you are lost, out of place, or just don't know what to do next. I like to check on a map what is around where the main place I want to go is. In this case, it was Wynwood Brewing. We ended up trying out the Butcher Shop, a nearby biergarten, on my last rip.

But at the same time, be open to new places!
Looking before hand helps because you can kind of get to know what streets you are going to be on. I suggest having a cell phone handy and walking around, but knowing the address of where you are parked in case you need to get back. I remember being in Philadelphia once and I had saved the location where we parked in my phone, but my phone died after dinner! I remembered because I had looked up the streets beforehand and was a bit more familiar than if I had come unprepared.

Look for Events
This can be either because you want to join in OR because you want to avoid crowds. Don't make the mistake I made when we decided to get a hotel in Baltimore. I thought it was a bit pricey because it was a holiday weekend, but there was a NASCAR race in downtown Baltimore that weekend! A lot of the streets were blocked off and it was super crowded and hard to get around. Not great!

How do you prepare for a big trip? I'm always searching for new sites, forums, and places to get inspiration from for my travel.
While we stopped in quickly to grab some delicious barbeque and do a bit of shopping at Ron Jon surf shop, we had a strange encounter in Cocoa Beach. After shopping, Jason and I were running around doing the normal 'take outfit photos' drill that we do every weekend and trip. We grabbed some tea at a McDonalds across the street from where all these pretty, beachy photos were taken, and a couple came up to Jason. They asked if he was a tourist, and Jason just kind of stared. Then they called him a 'tourrist' - like terrorist plus tourist. It was strange. But really, I think we're going to get it a lot down here. Admittedly, with our little camera (and camera accessories) coupled with his new Birkenstocks, I probably am not setting us up for looking like anything but tourists where ever we go. But honestly, I'm okay with this. I'm pretty much a tourist where ever I go these days, so I better get used to these kind of things, right?

Cocoa Beach Outfit PhotoRon Jon Surf Shop and Seychelles SandalsKatherine and Tiki at Cocoa BeachFetch Sunniesshopping at cocoa beachStitch Pendant Necklaceon the boardwalk cocoa beachKate Spade Bow Ringthat's the last straw bag and floral print dress

dress :: beach bums via bettie page // sandals :: seychelles // necklace :: etsy
ring :: kate spade // bag :: kate spade // sunnies :: fetch eyewear
Do you know what an arribada is? I actually didn't! Apparently it's a large group of female sea turtles coming to the short together to nest. Sea turtles really amaze me, and I love that this dress is really perfect for me now, living in Florida and all. I even got the sea turtle license plates! The cut, material, and fit of this dress just make it better, it's one of my favorite eBay finds ever. It was so perfect for wearing out on the ocean on the last evening of our little cruise.

Katherine and Jason  on Disney CruisePineapple Ring on Mosaic BackgroundAnthropologie HeadbandLove Birds on a Wire TattooKatherine in Front of Walt Disney PortraitTurtle Print DressDCL Carpet and Brown ShoesWish Upon A Star NecklaceChip and Dale and KatherineMickey ConfettiArribada Current Dress on the Disney DreamPineapple Ring on Carpet PatternPretty SunsetGreen Turtle Print Dress

dress :: anthropologie via ebay // belt :: target // wedges :: charles by charles david
ring :: old navy // necklace :: gift from jason // headband :: anthropologie
It's crazy to me that Disney has a private island. It sounds so fancy (and I mean, it totally is), and it is my favorite part of the Disney cruise. The island is beautiful, the sea is clear, and it's just a lovely area. We enjoyed sitting and swimming in the ocean for the first time in a long time. You'd think living 7 miles from a beach, I'd be at the beach more often, but I haven't been in the ocean since I moved. It was lovely, super relaxing, and a great day. Plus, this Modcloth swimsuit is the perfect one for a day at the beach. I love it!

Katherine on Castaway CayFeet in the WaterKatherine on the BeachKatherine and Olaf from FrozenFetch Reese SunglassesFetch Sunnies and French BraidsCastaway Cay Serenity BayKatherine Esther Williams Bathing SuitCastaway Cay CharactersTropical Polka Dots
swimsuit :: modcloth // skirt :: urban outfitters // sandals :: volcom
bag :: target // sunnies :: fetch