Strawberry Kiwi Infused Water

Strawberry Kiwi Water

Lately, I haven't been making as many cocktails. Mostly being alone and working out almost every night but Fridays leaves me to crave a lot of water and less liquor. I wanted to share with you some of my favorite infused waters. I usually drink an entire pitcher myself on a weekend day - plus I can usually get 1-2 refills with 1 batch of fruit. I was always a Snapple lover growing up, but the strawberry-kiwi flavor now is far too sugary and sweet. But - strawberry kiwi is still an amazing flavor combo and so perfect for a warm day.


What You'll Need
2-3 Kiwis // 1 Container of Strawberries // Filtered Water


First, wash your strawberries and lay on a paper towel to dry off a bit.

Sliced Kiwi

Next, peel your kiwi! I use a potato peeler on mine then slice into thin slices.


Slice your strawberries as well and put both into a pitcher. Add ice.

Strawberry Water

Fill with water and allow to sit for a few hours in the fridge to infuse. Then serve! Use the fruit in there 1-2 times - after that it really loses the potency.


  1. That's a great idea, I can only imagine how wonderful that water tastes! I will definitely try it out :)

  2. yum! also - is your fruit in disney packaging in florida? how sweet!


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