Little Boxes Made Of Ticky Tacky

I have lived in little towns built in the 1800s for most of my life. I'm familiar with brick houses and a lot of German influence growing up in Cincinnati - and my little cape cod style home even had that 'German' feel. My surroundings have changed drastically - everything here is more Spanish influenced, newer, and built in communities. I swear, everything is named and gated down here. For instance, my community is called 'Heron's Landing'. It has taken a bit of getting used to - but I love my little townhome. Sure, it looks like all the ones around it, and I definitely have mistakenly gone to the wrong house before, but I have done some things to make it my own. Plus, living in a peach house with green accents is totally a wonderful color scheme for our orange and green cars! Also - totally loving the whole palm trees surround my house deal.

Katherine at Her New TownhomeMarc Jacobs Flat and Popsicle DoormatFeline Karma Dress and Aqua AccentsFetch Eyewear Sunnies and Aqua ScarfBirdhouse NecklaceGarden StatuesRingsNew Florida Home

scarf :: amazon // dress :: anthropologie // shoes :: marc jacobs // belt :: anthropologie
bag :: diy // rings :: sanrio & asos // necklace :: anthropologie // sunnies :: fetch eyewear


  1. Love that dress!! :) So cute!


  2. Looks like a beautiful home :)

    Also, you are a cutie in this look.

  3. I like that mat with popsicles! =D
    Also adore your headband too =)

  4. Your home is adorable! I have always thought it would be fun to live in a little community. Cute outfit too! :D


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