If things go right, we're meant to be

I have felt like a very lucky person for all of my life. I recognize that the progression of events in my life - things I've achieved, been given, and also that just been lucky enough to be in the right place - is probably more than luck, but I guess it's the word I easily chalk it up to. Moving to Florida felt truly lucky though - like the perfect storm of events came around. I had been feeling both like I needed to get out of Pennsylvania and make a serious change in my career, so I started working on updating my portfolio and resume. I can recall being at lunch with my friend Shauna the day after I launched a new design portfolio. She commented on how nice the new site looked, and I told her I was going to go ahead apply to some jobs in Florida that evening. Because why not?! And I did. And I got one of the two jobs I applied for that night. And it was the one I wanted. And it is still unbelievable to me it just worked out so easily. It was all the odds stacking in my favor. I think it's evident in my photos, my attitude, and my outlook lately that this has been one of the most positive, luckiest moments in my life. I really never thought I would feel this way about Florida, but I really, really love this place.

Katherine and Palm TreesTarget Bracelet and ClutchPopsicle Print DressTarget Braided SandalsModcloth Popsicle Print DressDeerfield Beach Pier ParkOff We Go ClutchEmily and Fin Popsicle Print Dress

dress :: emily and fin via modcloth // sandals :: target // clutch :: kate spade // bracelet :: target


  1. You look SO happy. Yay for things working out the way they should!

  2. girl- you deserve to be happy! yay for you!! it certainly must be warmer, at least. continually impressed by your collection of printed dresses and this popsicle print might be the best yet. love the clutch too, it all feels so summery!!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  3. I am so so so happy for you! :) You look beautiful in these photos and I can almost feel the happy radiating off of you. I hope things keep on going your way, you deserve it!

    xoxo Mandy
    Mandy Leigh Blog

  4. I can definitely tell how happy and content you are through your Florida posts. It really seems like the right decision and I'm so glad for you that everything just worked out seamlessly! :)

  5. You seem so happy, it's wonderful! The feel of these photos is lovely and I can't get over that dress...or the clutch! I love Kate Spade!

  6. You look so delicious :DD <33

  7. DUDE! So I haven't commented on any of your posts because I haev literally been a lazy, lazy sloth these first two weeks of summer, BUT NOW I'M READY AND I AM HERE FOR YUUU!!OUU!UU!! Okay. So first off, um YES that is awesome that you got your job--you go girl! I'm so glad that it came easily for you. You deserve it so, so much. You are such a hard little worker and you deserve every opportunity that comes your way and MORE! Second, your move to Florida--eeep, how exciting! I was honored to be one of the few to know about this and was super pumped for you. Hey, that means we're closer now! ;) We'll meet up one day, Miss Katherine. AND WE'LL HAVE A PARTY!

    Your ice cream dress is so so perfect. You always have the most darling accessories. That clutch just never gets old and I feel like it's perfect for the travel lady that you are.

  8. That's so awesome!!! You seem to be enjoying Florida quite a bit and that's just amazing that you applied for an wonderful job and got it! this gives me hope :) so thanks for that
    and of course you look summer ready in your popsicle print dress :)

  9. I can see that you're truly happy there in Florida. Some times being in the right place at the right time is all it takes to feel how you felt. Feeling happy and contented are very important in life. I wish the best to you. Cheers! =)


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