Decorating Rentals

I'm always envying all the adorable things I see other bloggers doing in their homes. From amazing colors on to wall to anything hung on the walls - it's easy to get caught up in envy. Right?

I'm a renter - I've never stayed somewhere longer than 2 years since leaving my parents house in 2006. Since 2006 (this is counting dorms by the way but not my parents' home) , I've lived in 7 different apartments/homes/townhomes, 8 if you want to count Jason's place in Orlando. Painting is not really an option - we know we'll have to paint again soon enough on our own dime. Hanging things on the walls is a scary thing. Even those special 3M sticky things can really ruin walls!

You know, wall stickers! Ikea sells them, Target sells them, and you can get them pretty cheap online. Occasionally, you can transfer from one wall to another with smaller designs (like birds). They are a great way to decorate and come cleanly off the walls.

Those standard, in everyone's place Ikea bookshelves are perfection for small places and for decor. I use mine as a 'table' behind my couch, as an extension of a desk for my printer, and now as a divider between 'rooms' in my townhome. They are the most useful things ever and take up a lot of space - which usually brings your eye to them and the cute things they have on them.

Ctrl - Alt - Del

Using bright colors or bold textures as an accent is a fun way to make things more personal. For instance - my DIY colored sofa feet. Or a bright rug!


Prop Up Paintings
Get one of those bookshelves, and on the top, prop your paintings up against the wall. Or put photo frames in the bookshelf. It will give you the illusion of having something on the wall without actually having to put nails in the wall.

new bunting in my apartment

Banners, Bunting, and Garland
These are great - they can usually be put up with some shipping tape and do minimal to no (never damaged for me) to walls. Plus, they are easy to DIY. Here's my favorite one for garland via Maddie Richardson.

I'm sure there are many other ways to decorate your rental - please share them! This is just how I've gotten through the past few years.


  1. Great ideas! I'm looking to get an apartment this summer, so this will definitely come in handy!

  2. I love your place!! Where did you get that Alice poster? That's my favorite Disney movie!

  3. Wonderful ideas! Your place looks lovely and home-y. I've been thinking about getting some stickers to put on my walls, I think they look so cool!

  4. Yes. Renting does kinda suck in that it's limiting, but it looks like you've made the most of it. I love love love those couch pillows.

    I've had 7 or 8 moves myself in the same span of time. (but who's counting?) Personally, I love utilizing tapestries to cover white walls. I got a few from Urban Outfitters and they really brighten up a room, and they're light enough that they can be hung with push pins. However, I also hang paintings with nails. (oops?) I usually just go over the nail holes with putty before moving out and no one knows the difference.

    And like you, I also have pendants hanging in some of the open spaces. They are so bright and fun looking. :)

  5. cute space! I always struggled with the renters dilemma, you almost feel like your home is half done. I love your ideas to spruce it up!

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