There's so many different places to call home

Fountain in Downtown Boca

Downtown areas in south Florida are so drastically different than in the north east and even mid-west. I think not being wrecked with salt and snow every winter maybe keeps things a little nicer. That, or I've got my rose-colored glasses on. These photos are from downtown Boca Raton (again) and also a place in downtown Fort Lauderdale right before we went to the airport on Sunday. It's so easy to get around this area - just thinking that the drive between these two places is less than my commute from Lancaster to Harrisburg really messes with me. In the best of ways. All the amazing food in such close proximity has got to make me the most happy person. See below photo. That's how happy I was with a cocktail I hated (it's pretty, yes, but it was an awful mix of flavors).

Cocktail Rebel HouseKatherine and Cocktail at Rebel HouseKiel Mead Bow RingSeychelles Sandals

I had to eat at the most amazingly named place - YOLO. Again, like everything here, amazing atmosphere, but not like everything else, OK food. Amazing dessert though - which we devoured so quickly I didn't photograph.

YOLOYOLO ChipsAnthropologie Girls from Savoy Dress

dress :: anthropologie // belt :: anthroplogie // cardigan :: j crew factory, diy-ed
bag :: sass & peril // sandals :: seychelles // ring :: kiel mead // necklace :: boutique in baltimore


  1. So glad you seem to like Florida so much :)

  2. Oh my goodness that drink looks YUMMY!

  3. yum this food looks fab! also love your dress
    ladies in navy

  4. Lovely dress and Florida looks soooo amazing.

  5. I love all the Spanish-esque architecture in Florida. I think that's what it is described as. It's very different from up here. It's just more easygoing and relaxed to me, and I like that. I can't wait to go back!

  6. The picture of those chips...oh man. I must be really hungry but yum.
    Also you look so so cute! That dress is perfect for wandering around Florida!


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