Kiwi-Basil Mojitos

Kiwi Basil Mojito2

I cannot get enough of mojito variations. Really, once you get the main kind down, you essentially need to muddle fruit and herbs, add rum and soda water, and voila, you've got yourself the most refreshing, delicious cocktail ever. This one mixes kiwi, lime, and basil, which was a superb combo guys.

Mojito Kiwi

What You'll Need
2 Limes //  2 Kiwis // 1.5 TBSP Cane Sugar or White Sugar // 2 Ounces Light Rum // Club Soda // Ice // Basil Leaves
Muddler // Shaker
Kiwi Cocktail

Squeeze the two lime and scoop out the kiwi into a shaker. Muddle well with a handful of basil leaves, then add 1.5 tablespoons of sugar, and muddle until dissolved. Finally, add 2 ounces of rum, and shake well.

Ball Jar Shaker Mojito

Strain over ice (or, if you prefer your drinks without ice like my husband, add the ice into the shaker part!), and then fill to the top with club soda. And serve!

Basil Kiwi Mojito


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