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Fossil Handbag and Red Dress

As a kid, I always looked forward to summer. I have loved shorts and dresses for as long as I can remember - my family will usually tell stories of having to ban me from wearing shorts under a certain temperature. It's not a surprise that I eventually stopped wear pants as an adult - I've never been one for dress pants (I have not done a single job interview in my entire career in anything but an above knee-length skirt or dress) and was always the one wearing skirts over jeans even back in high school. It's incredibly nice to be able to wear all of my dresses without layers on weekends because when I am indoors in Florida, I am SO COLD. I'm wearing as much clothing as I was in winter! But on weekends, I spend a lot more time outside, like in this little park. I ended up finding a slightly cuter, secluded area here, but what I thought was going to be more of a cutesy park ended up being like baseball fields and a huge playground. Oops!

Red Cap Sleeve Dress in ParkBow RingLeopard and TortoiseshellRed Agaci DressTeemo NecklaceRay Bans and Leopard HeadbandRed Backless Dress

dress :: a'gaci // belt :: anthropologie (similar) // flats :: jessica simpson via zappos
bag :: c/o fossil // sunnies :: ray ban // headband :: anthropologie // ring :: kiel mead // necklace :: crave jewelry design


  1. Everything is so bright and tropical, I love it!

    Memoirs of a Pilgrim

  2. I love your Bishop Allen lyrics. :) Also, I kind of hate dress pants. I've never found a flattering pair and they always just seem so confined and uncomfortable. I also wouldn't know what to wear with it. Do I tuck a button down in or not? Would I wear a blazer too? Meh. I am always in a dress for job interviews.

  3. I love your outfit! It makes me so excited for the summer :)

  4. We are total opposites -- I wore pants ALL THE TIME, even in the summer and it gets stupid hot in California! I think I was 18 when I started wearing skirts, and dresses became a permanent part of my wardrobe when I was 23 :) BTW - you look super cute in your coral dress and leopard accents ♡

    Nina //

  5. I haven't worn pants in about a year, unless you count leggings. I hate them. They just are not comfortable. Give me dresses or skirts any day!

  6. I was just down in Florida for the weekend and I only packed a dress, a skirt, and one pair of shorts. When I got back up north the temperature dropped 40 degrees :( but putting on a pair of pants was the most uncomfortable thing ever. I've gotten rid of so many pants this past year and my dress collection has increased ten-fold. Pants have definitely gotten more and more uncomfortable the older I've gotten.


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