Snow Kitty

Even on the warmer days, which is anything above 32 right now, the snow is still prevailing.  I recently took a few of my dresses into the tailor for some fixing - and this being one of them, I was so excited to get it back! This is one of my favorite dresses, but after about 2 years of wear, the hem broke in our washer (which spins really, really, probably way too fast). Most cleaners have a tailor that can make these fixes for you for only about 8 dollars, which makes the life of clothing even longer!

coat :: modcloth
sweater :: nordstrom
tights :: target
oxfords :: born
necklace :: c/o pretty pany
belt :: target


  1. You have all this kitty stuff, but no cat. What gives? :P
    I'm going to guess that hubs is allergic?
    Travis is allergic too, but for some reason our cats don't usually bother his allergies.

  2. I looove the white and burgundy combo, it looks great on you!

  3. I love that dress - I saw it on sale way back when but decided against buying it because it was a size too large... now I kick myself over it every time it pops up on blogs! On another note, any word of a blogger meet-up soon? Hopefully once the weather gets warmer...

  4. You always look so cute in this dress. Good tip about the cleaners have tailors too!

  5. Oh my! I adore this dress and your tights are awesome too! How cute! I bet you guys in the North are freezing right about now... I totally understand as I grew up in Ohio. I totally moved to Austin for the sun and weather! Ha ha.... I couldn't take it anymore. Love this post.

  6. Mrow mrow mrow MmmMMMRRRrow rmwormw mrow. Mrow.

    That was catspeak for, "you are precious in your precious kitty dress. Mrow." That's awesome you got your dress tailored, too! It's always nice to be able to keep an article of clothing you really love for a long time. :)


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