New York, New York!

I mentioned that Jason had planned a trip to New York City for us for my Christmas gift. The date to see Book of Mormon and stay in a boutique hotel finally came - and I am so excited to share these! We had a matinee performance - which was actually much nicer as we had no rush for dinner or drinks. The show was amazing - I was pretty excited to see the guy from Pitch Perfect do such a great job as Elder Cunningham. It has been so long since I have been to a show on Broadway! I'm already ready to go back and see more.


coat :: modcloth // dress :: modcloth
tights :: target // flats :: jessica simpson via zappos
belt :: vintage // bag :: my own design
necklace :: asos


  1. You look adorable - I'm loving the dress! Let us know how the show was - I've heard good things! Didn't know the guy from PP is in it right now - aca-awesome!


  2. You look adorable!

    Very jealous of your Broadway day, but it sounds fantastic. So curious to see the Book of Mormon. I want to know if seems to stack up to what boys back from their mission say...though, I suppose what the boys say or seem to experience on missions might be different from doing it yourself (I live in a heavily Mormon area though am not a part of that church myself).

  3. I love the color of that dress and the bag is awesome! I've been wanting to go see another Broadway show. I really want to see Aladdin. I'm hoping to be able to in the late spring or summer!

  4. Dude, so awesome that you were in the City!! Hope it was a great time. Also- that dress is awesome on you :)


  5. I am crazy in love with your dress, the color is beautiful.


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