Kentucky SupraFruta

Eppa SupraFruta

Have you heard of Eppa? It's a great sangria-like wine that is perfect if you aren't really into wines (or red wines) yet and need something a little sweeter to start. It's also not too sweet - and has great flavors like pomegranate in it. It's actually the wine that got me a little more open to red wines a few years back when Jason and I got it from whole foods at Easter.


Sometimes, I enjoy making super easy cocktails. I want to start giving some easier recipes that just kick things up a little bit with only a few ingredients. This cocktail is simple - a red wine (sangria or something else that is fairly fruity like a merlot or beaujolais) , a good Kentucky bourbon, and a fresh lime is all you need. The lime adds a nice tartness to the wine that really brings out the fruity flavors, and then bourbon for a nice oaky taste as well.


Squeeze half a lime into a cocktail glass.

Bulleit Bourbon

Pour 1 shot of bourbon and mix well.

Eppa And Bourbon Cocktail

Finish with chilled red wine. Try serving with an orange slice or strawberry!

Bourbon Red Wine Cocktail


  1. It's funny because I just recently posted about my trip to the vineyard and how it seems to be hard for me to find wine that I like. I haven't tried a whole bunch, but I like really fruity ones and don't know too much to know where to start. This sounds pretty good for me, though since it's more like a sangria and fruity and sweet. I love sweet wines. The only one I really like so far is Moscato.

  2. Yum yum yum! This sounds and looks amazing!
    Lianne x


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