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Have you heard of Eppa? It's a great sangria-like wine that is perfect if you aren't really into wines (or red wines) yet and need something a little sweeter to start. It's also not too sweet - and has great flavors like pomegranate in it. It's actually the wine that got me a little more open to red wines a few years back when Jason and I got it from whole foods at Easter.


Sometimes, I enjoy making super easy cocktails. I want to start giving some easier recipes that just kick things up a little bit with only a few ingredients. This cocktail is simple - a red wine (sangria or something else that is fairly fruity like a merlot or beaujolais) , a good Kentucky bourbon, and a fresh lime is all you need. The lime adds a nice tartness to the wine that really brings out the fruity flavors, and then bourbon for a nice oaky taste as well.


Squeeze half a lime into a cocktail glass.

Bulleit Bourbon

Pour 1 shot of bourbon and mix well.

Eppa And Bourbon Cocktail

Finish with chilled red wine. Try serving with an orange slice or strawberry!

Bourbon Red Wine Cocktail
I'm hoping this is the last photo you'll see with me in snow for a long while. It felt like never ending winter in Pennsylvania. It's so hard to take photos in this ugly weather - I have seen other people successfully make the snow look beautiful and enviable, but I'll be honest, I can't do it. I think it's because to me, snow is not a beautiful thing. I don't dress for the snow - I dress with layers that protect me for about 5 minutes in 32 degree weather, but I've been awfully cold this winter what with the polar vortex. So here's to an end to snow!

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Taking photos in Harrisburg while daylight savings time was still in effect is an impossibility. Except when Jason came in too and we had a nice night out with our friends! After work one Friday, we all met downtown and enjoyed a nice meal at one of my favorite places in downtown Harrisburg, Federal Taphouse. This skirt paired with a cardigan has become my go-to outfit lately - I seriously want to wear this all of the time!

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You can fight with me about Disney all day about how it isn't the best place on eather (but then again, if you really dislike Disney, you probably already hate my blog), but a lot of the food is amazing. The best place that I hands down recommend/demand people visit when going to Disney is La Cava del Tequila.

Yummy Margarita

The place is tucked away in the corner in the Mexico pavillion (easily one of the most, if not the most, beautiful of the country pavillions). It's always busy now - back when I went my first time in 2011 on my honeymoon, it was still crazy disorganized and a mess to get a drink. Now, they have a small queue out front to handle the crowd control. Your best bet is to get in that, grab a delicious margarita, and drink it while perusing the shops in the Mexico pavillion or take it outside into the sunshine. We've been able to nab a seat only once (you put your name in with a hostess and wait for a long while as the place is tiny inside) - but the guacamole and salsa were to die for.

Mexico Pavillion

In terms of margaritas, you have to try at least one like the Wild Berry margarita that comes with the wild berry foam. The foam is so delicious - I haven't been able to find it used often outside of Disney, and it's so good. Their speciality salt rims are a treat as well.

I didn't get either of my dogs when they were brand new puppies, so I don't have any images of either Raynor or Teemo prior to around 8 months old. I'm glad we scooped these two up - and I had to share what I consider to be their 'puppy pictures' since I haven't before!

Raynor :: Adopted August 2009

another photo of raynor puppyraynor puppythe long tonguepuppers!

Teemo :: Adopted February 2011
-122 : the advantage of a small dog-113 : puppy bedthe teemo!teemo
New York, New York :: Vnyl

Our last morning in New York was a bit rushed - needing to get back home to get our dogs from the kennel by a certain time is always a difficult time trial. But we did get to enjoy brunch at a cute little music themed restaurant called Vynl, and it was delicious. I thoroughly enjoyed our meal - but I was wiped! The photos don't show much of our trek around the city, but we really did enjoy running around and finding new places. New York is so full of food it's pretty hard to make decision! 

New York, New York :: VnylNew York, New York :: VnylNew York :: Ink48New York :: Ink48

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New York, New York :: The Press Lounge

New York is an interesting place for sure - incredibly intriguing, especially in photograph. Our hotel had beautiful views of New York, which is the reason Jason chose it for us in the first place. This bar, perched atop the hotel Ink48, had the most beautiful views and most 'New York' cocktails (delicious, but expensive). We were happy to be able to watch the sunset over New York on a Feburary weekend where it wasn't too incredibly cold (think like 40-50 degrees maybe, so chilly, but not awful). After this bar, we ventured further into the city for a delicious dinner at a cheese place, more cocktails, and eventually, the quintessential tourist pretzel from a street cart. It was a terrible pretzel - oh how the Pennsylvania Dutch have spoiled me with their amazing pretzel making ways.

New York, New York :: The Press LoungeNew York, New York :: The Press LoungeNew York, New York :: The Press LoungeNew York, New York :: The Press LoungeNew York, New York :: The Press LoungeNew York, New York :: The Press Lounge

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I love mojitos! They are absolutely, hands down, one of the most refreshing, delicious drinks ever. They are pretty simple to make - minus the muddling (that's the only hard part). I got some Mint Herb Crystals from Fresh Origins and knew they would be perfect for adding an extra mint kick to a mojito.  Here's what to do.


mint leaves // lime // light rum // sugar // mint rimming crystals

For each drink, rim a high ball glass with the mint herb crystals by using the juice from the lime to get the crystals to stick.


Add 1 Tablespoon of sugar, 1.5 ounces rum, a handful of mint leaves, and 1/2 a lime to each glass. Muddle well until the sugar dissolves a bit and the mint leaves are well bruised.


Add 3-4 large ice cubes, then fill with club soda.

Look around my blog - type in beer. You'll find me with a pint in my hand quite often, or visiting a brewery to try a local beer. But, believe it or not, there was a time when I didn't like beer. Yes, I didn't LOVE beer. I didn't even LIKE it. And then, then I went to the Kona Brewing Company.

While on a vacation in Hawaii and searching for a ukelele, we came across the Kona Brewing Company. Nowadays, I find their beer on tap even in Pennsylvania, but back in 2011, I had not heard of them or even seen them in stores. We were anxious to try a local brewery, and I was determined to hopefully try a beer I liked. And did I! The Hula Hefeweizen (unfortunately, only available on site at the brewery there in Kona) was the best beer I have ever had and I loved it. It opened me up to really enjoying wheat beers, and even more since then. The atmosphere is amazing - incredibly open - I couldn't tell if we were inside or outside because the line is so blurred, as it is with so many restaurants in Hawaii. The food was amazing -it was one of the first places we got roasted garlic as an appetizer, a recipe I have featured on the blog, and I owe it to Kona to opening my eyes to it.

I can't tell you how sad I am that during this part of the trip I decided to keep the DSLR in the room and only take our point and shoot. But at least I got some photos of some of the best food I have ever had. You can read my full review from back then on Yelp, here.
I mentioned that Jason had planned a trip to New York City for us for my Christmas gift. The date to see Book of Mormon and stay in a boutique hotel finally came - and I am so excited to share these! We had a matinee performance - which was actually much nicer as we had no rush for dinner or drinks. The show was amazing - I was pretty excited to see the guy from Pitch Perfect do such a great job as Elder Cunningham. It has been so long since I have been to a show on Broadway! I'm already ready to go back and see more.


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