You Can Always Go

Downtown Lancaster has a feel unlike other cities - it's very quaint and friendly. I have loved the feeling of the little city with the brick streets and row houses. We stopped into a wine bar downtown that we have visited before for a quick drink before dinner with family. Most of my photos lately have been taken quickly inbetween the car and places we are going because it's far too cold to spend time searching out somewhere to take photos - especially when these are the only kind of snow appropriate shoes I own! The snow is higher than them!

PS. Happy Valentine's Day lovebirds! We're heading to New York next weekend as a romantic getaway and I can't wait to share the photos!

scarf :: gift (similar) remixed
dress :: urban outfitters
belt :: target remixed
tights :: old navy remixed
bag :: my own design remixed
boots :: diba via dsw remixed
ring :: c/o born pretty remixed
coat :: modcloth remixed


  1. I like how the scarf plays such a big role in the mood of this outfit. How fun.

  2. Great scarf and coat! You look very cozy!

  3. You're so cute! I just love that green dress and how nice it looks with the pattern on your scarf. I definitely don't blame you for not seeking out special picture locations. It's too cold for that!

  4. That scarf is SO lovely and I adore those boots. They are totally a style I would wear.
    xx Abby a geek tragedy

  5. Wow, that snow sounds amazing. I haven't even seen any snow this winter and it's already warming up here. I can see why you don't want to be hanging out in the freezing cold.

  6. aw, i see it's cold there too. although the photos are lovely and you look adorable just as usual :) aw hun, i love that kind of places where you just feel the friendly atmosphere, it's magic!

  7. Kaaaatherine! These are such magical little pictures with your green dress, cobblestone sidewalk, snow piles, and street lamps. I mean, I guess the sidewalk isn't YOURS per say but... let's be honest, you own it here. WERK IT GIRL!

    haaha kay, I'm done being a nerd.

    I don't blame you for not wanting to take time-consuming photos when it's so bitter out. Stay warm! It's more important! YOU MUST LIVE!


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