Snow Birds

It's been too cold lately - and I'm not even really sure how I got these photos. Of course, I do look a little cold, but I had to show off my new Joules cardigan! I love the bird and all the little details - like the pink top button - and the fact that is is super warm. I had to change my outfit completely from what I had wanted - this cardigan is perfect for bright yellow - but when I woke up, we had a lot more snow than when I went to sleep. I thought that grey on grey was appropriate for my backdrops lately. I really wish I was a bird, I have said before I relate to them, but I really would love to fly south for the winter. Or forever. I'm over this snow.

At least this bridge is just next to a local brewery and we grabbed some beers to warm ourselves after this shoot.

coat :: modcloth
sweater :: c/o joules
dress :: h&m remixed
boots :: diba via dsw remixed
hat :: handmade remixed
bag :: valhalla brooklyn remixed
ring :: local shop remixed
watch :: tokyobay remixed


  1. Such a pretty cardigan! I love the hints of pink and the bird.
    Little Sloth

  2. The cardigan is super cute, and your hair is getting long! Where is this brewery? The menu looks delicious....

    1. It's in Lancaster - on Harrisburg Pike. Iron Hill Brewery. There are multiple - there is one in Phoenixville and probably one closer to you too!

    2. You're right! They're actually opening one about a mile from my house!

  3. Love this, looks like you had some great food!

  4. Joules makes the cutest items. You look great!

  5. Uck! I hate the snow. Although I have gone with a different approach started to wear things that are more spring to pretend spring is here... I think your ideal is better and warmer ha-ha. I love the grey on grey... and that goat is adorable! Such pretty pictures you got! :)

  6. Makes me want to head out to a brewery right now!

  7. Haha the south has snow too! There's no getting away from it this year!
    I hope it warms up for you at least a little bit soon though. At least you look really cute even if you're cold. I love the double shades of gray going on here. That cardigan is adorable!


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