Love Birds

Jason and I have been incredibly busy lately, and taking photos has not been helped by the lack of daylight and ever increasing amount of snow. This has also had a tool on our pups. Due to lack of playtime/walktime in the snow, they have been to puppy day care quite a few times, and I wanted to treat them to a little love here at home. These yummy Valentine's treats for them were the perfect gift. Teemo started chewing on the box when it came in the house, and even got a little vicious when Raynor tried to get in on the action. After a bit of scolding, we finally got to open the box and devour some treats. I wanted to make some GIFs of them eating these Licks of Love from

Raynor went for the Love Birds, which makes sense since she loves chicken the most and also is a love bird herself. And also, loves to chase birds.

Teemo found the Love Licks to be the most desirable and tried to bite it out of my hand. He needs to take a lesson from these and learn to lick and not bite. Little corgi has a bite.

They both enjoyed all of the types of treats - and we had a good time playing hide and go seek (usually Teemo finds while Raynor just tries to keep going in rotation of her tricks while whining because she doesn't know why I'm not just giving it to her) and trying to keep their tricks alive. These little treats are the perfect V-Day gift for the pups - cute packaging for me to display in the home and high-end ingredients so they stay happy and healthy.

Interested in grabbing some for your pup for Valentine's Day? These shipped to me incredibly fast from and you can use the code SHINDIGSHIP for free shipping!


  1. Wow! Looks like they sure loved them! Nice recyclable packaging too =)

  2. Aww! I love your post of your cute doggies! Merry from


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