One of our favorite places in Pennsylvania has got to be Troegs. It's been near impossible to get a decent photo outside these days as the snow piles are taller than I am, so we have been trying to get a bit more creative about shots. I love the interior of Troegs - it's in an warm, industrial (contradictory, but true) setting with some yummy food (the pretzel, the fondue, and the popcorn) plus has really good beer. It's worth the trip if you all are ever out this way - it's always packed though! This was towards the end of the night and on a snowy evening and it was still buzzing constantly!

coat :: dear creatures remixed
cardigan :: c/o joules remixed
dress :: modcloth remixed
belt :: target remixed
loafers :: gh bass remixed
bag :: kate spade remixed
necklace :: target remixed


  1. Adorable outfit!
    I live in PA, but I've never been to Troegs before! My boyfriend is a die hard beer fan, so maybe I should plan to take him here as a little treat!!

  2. This looks so cool! I'm so into beers (and fondue...and pretzels...) so I should definitely check this out next time I'm heading down!

  3. TROEGS. The best place ever! When I was interning at my church over the summer, I only lived about 5 or so minutes away. We had a Young Adult gathering there, but part of my contract included not drinking, which was a bummer. But, their grilled cheese is amazing and the beer is pretty fantastic. And you are right, the building is so cool.

    Also, I love your outfit! That dress and sweater together are perfect! And of course, the polka dot tights are so cute.


  4. Finding places that you love to eat is really, truly one of the best feelings. It so sucks trying new places over and over and not finding anything satisfying! Soo, yay you. :)

    You are cute as a button as always, Katherine. Yellow and pink and grey, oh my! And that hair scarf is ON POINT!

  5. This looks like a cool place to hang out! And I'll say it again... That coat is just perfection.

    <3 Kelsey
    Chaos Parade

  6. I like how you always share such fun finds and adventures exploring nearby towns. Also, as usual, looking good!

  7. So cute! I love that red jacket so much. Plus this place sounds awesome. It looks cool inside too and good beer is always a great thing in my book.

  8. I LOVE that bag, and you look adorable as usual. Scott and I would love to explore that place. In fact, we are going to San Diego brewery today because Pliny the Younger only comes out once a year in specific bars, and you have to know about it. Do you know of Pliny the Elder? -Jess L

  9. aww i love your necklace. it was beautiful weather over the weekend where i am but we're expecting snow again this wed!! i'm so over the white stuff! oy!

  10. wow this place looks so interesting & you look so dreamy just like always <3


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