For the next few months, I wanted to talk about some of my favorite places we have traveled - specifically around food, but also any other experiences I've felt were big moments of our lives. I'm an avid Yelper and have always loved writing about the good places we go. I actually have a lot of guilt about my lower reviews to be honest! Anyhow, in trying to find my inspiration again for this blog, I thought writing about the places I find most inspiring (and often where my outfit photos are taking place) would be fun.

Inside the Grit

The first is The Grit, a vegetarian restaurant in the adorable Athens, Georgia, a small college town about an hour outside of Atlanta. I first visited in 2009 when my friend was staying there as a college lab assistant for the summer. The restaurant is a gem that is fairly well known amongs vegans and vegetarians, but really is just a delicious place for anyone.Their signature tofu is unlike any other - crusted with nutritional yeast, which is one of the best things on the planet. You can read my full Yelp review here.

The Grit
've been a total of three times - once during that trip and twice during a trip with Jason in 2012 that was on the blog. It's definitely worth the trip - especially if you are in or around Atlanta for any given period of time, try and make the trek over to Athens and enjoy some delicious vegetarian fare here. There are some other cute places as well - and Terrapin Brewery is based here, so you can stop in and get yourself a beer as well!
One of our favorite places in Pennsylvania has got to be Troegs. It's been near impossible to get a decent photo outside these days as the snow piles are taller than I am, so we have been trying to get a bit more creative about shots. I love the interior of Troegs - it's in an warm, industrial (contradictory, but true) setting with some yummy food (the pretzel, the fondue, and the popcorn) plus has really good beer. It's worth the trip if you all are ever out this way - it's always packed though! This was towards the end of the night and on a snowy evening and it was still buzzing constantly!

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Downtown Lancaster has a feel unlike other cities - it's very quaint and friendly. I have loved the feeling of the little city with the brick streets and row houses. We stopped into a wine bar downtown that we have visited before for a quick drink before dinner with family. Most of my photos lately have been taken quickly inbetween the car and places we are going because it's far too cold to spend time searching out somewhere to take photos - especially when these are the only kind of snow appropriate shoes I own! The snow is higher than them!

PS. Happy Valentine's Day lovebirds! We're heading to New York next weekend as a romantic getaway and I can't wait to share the photos!

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Lately, I feel like I have hit a creative block with my blog, and I feel like it's showing. My outfit photos have been hard to take with 6-8 inches of snow and a busy life. I've felt less inspired in writing, as well. And avoiding addressing it just makes it worse. So let's address it.

How do I overcome a large block in my path?

Well, I'm taking a step back. I'm seeing what really makes me happy about this blog - which is the photography, pups, design, and cocktails. I love sharing my life and style, and at some point, I decided to add too much in. I'm trying to organize myself again and refocus to get back on the right track, so all I can ask is that you stay with me over the next couple of months. If you have any helpful suggestions - favorite posts, things you have loved from the past, random things to share, what you'd like to name your baby, whatever really - send me an e-mail or tweet at me. Let's chat!

Sometimes, you need a drink that carries you through the winter and reminds you that warmer times are coming. I drowning in snow and ice, and I wanted to create a cocktail that reminded me of the south. So here is a yummy bourbon peach cocktail with a peach cotton candy finish from Fluff It Up.

What You'll Need
2 Ounces Kentucky Bourbon (Makers Mark, Four Roses, Etc)
1/3 Cup Peaches
1.5 Cups Soda Water
Peach Cotton Candy from Fluff It Up

In a blender or something similar to a Magic Bullet (what I am using), combine the bourbon and peaches until well blended. Add in soda water, then pour into glasses. Add ice if necessary to chill. Garnish with cotton candy.

It's been too cold lately - and I'm not even really sure how I got these photos. Of course, I do look a little cold, but I had to show off my new Joules cardigan! I love the bird and all the little details - like the pink top button - and the fact that is is super warm. I had to change my outfit completely from what I had wanted - this cardigan is perfect for bright yellow - but when I woke up, we had a lot more snow than when I went to sleep. I thought that grey on grey was appropriate for my backdrops lately. I really wish I was a bird, I have said before I relate to them, but I really would love to fly south for the winter. Or forever. I'm over this snow.

At least this bridge is just next to a local brewery and we grabbed some beers to warm ourselves after this shoot.

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Jason and I have been incredibly busy lately, and taking photos has not been helped by the lack of daylight and ever increasing amount of snow. This has also had a tool on our pups. Due to lack of playtime/walktime in the snow, they have been to puppy day care quite a few times, and I wanted to treat them to a little love here at home. These yummy Valentine's treats for them were the perfect gift. Teemo started chewing on the box when it came in the house, and even got a little vicious when Raynor tried to get in on the action. After a bit of scolding, we finally got to open the box and devour some treats. I wanted to make some GIFs of them eating these Licks of Love from

Raynor went for the Love Birds, which makes sense since she loves chicken the most and also is a love bird herself. And also, loves to chase birds.

Teemo found the Love Licks to be the most desirable and tried to bite it out of my hand. He needs to take a lesson from these and learn to lick and not bite. Little corgi has a bite.

They both enjoyed all of the types of treats - and we had a good time playing hide and go seek (usually Teemo finds while Raynor just tries to keep going in rotation of her tricks while whining because she doesn't know why I'm not just giving it to her) and trying to keep their tricks alive. These little treats are the perfect V-Day gift for the pups - cute packaging for me to display in the home and high-end ingredients so they stay happy and healthy.

Interested in grabbing some for your pup for Valentine's Day? These shipped to me incredibly fast from and you can use the code SHINDIGSHIP for free shipping!

We finally had sometime to spend in Lancaster visiting some of our favorite places. We were craving our favorite pretzel place, which is sadly closed for the next month or so, but at least stopped in at the wine shop in Amish country to enjoy some local wines and beers. Later, a stop in to the Fractured Prune was in order : yummy, hot donuts with an array of toppings. I finally tried strawberry with sprinkles - good, and really good for photos, but not as good as my original honey and cinnamon sugar version I got!

It's been too cold lately - and I have been dressing for comfort since we have been doing a lot of stuff around the house once we are back from our outings. This outfit is comfortable and colorful! This dress is an all-time favorite, and I've been loving green and blue combos lately.

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