It's Not The Year of the Turtle?

Arribada Current Dress

I don't own a horse print dress (perhaps because I'm not a big horse person), so I couldn't ring in the new year on theme, but I at least could dress in a more fun print! This turtle print dress is comfortable enough to wear all day, and not fancy enough to get me stares if I wear it at a time other than night. We had a relatively relaxed evening in - except for a few moments to take the pups to downtown Celebration to watch it "snow" (weird soap bubbles that fill the main street).  Enjoying games with family and having a nice, meal in was the best thing for us - especially with Jason's aunt making the most delicious pretzels ever. There are no photos, we ate them all far too fast.

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cardigan :: target remixed
scarf :: old navy remixed
dress :: anthropologie via ebay remixed
belt :: target remixed
wedges :: anthropologie remixed
necklace :: anthropologie remixed
ring :: sanrio
clutch :: kate spade remixed


  1. love that dress! green is a great color on you!

  2. Cute dress!! And I love your shoes too!

  3. I love novelty prints so much! This one is great. I love the blue and green colors mixed together. I also love your headband...? Hair clip...? Not sure what, but it's very pretty. Celebration is so adorable. I can't take it!

  4. this is a great color on you love the turtle print and the shoes are too cute :)

  5. Oh man you look absolutely adorable! This dress is so flattering and the unique turtle print makes it really special. Those shoes are super cute too.

  6. that's a super cute dress! And I can't remember seeing turtle print before, which is great!

  7. Green is such a lovely color on you. Also- I really love all your detail shots of both the outfit and backdrop. Gives us a mood for the post.

  8. Turtle dress!?! That is such an awesome print too. Super duper cute.

  9. Ahh, this photoset makes me swoon, Katherine! I especially love that shot of your shoes--how cute are those? The straps are just darling. And that green dress is perfect on you. I'm sorry it's not the year of the turtle. That sounds like it'd be a good year. ;)

  10. Your bag and dress are fabulous.


  11. My little boys want you to know they love your dress because we are reading a book called Esio Trot together by Roald Dahl which is about a tortoise (and tortoise backwards is esio trot). So lately they try to pretend they are esio trots/tortoises and such. hehe. Just thought you should know, and I know I haven't commented as much as I used to because I have a lot going on in my schedule now. I hope you are doing well though.

  12. My parents live in Celebration, love it there! Adorable dress!


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