Holly Jolly

First off - HAPPY NEW YEAR! I am someone who posts outfits quite a bit after the fact, so my new year's outfit won't be up for awhile, but here's photos from our Christmas! We enjoyed Christmas Eve at my parents house before traveling back to Pennsylvania all of Christmas Day. I wore something comfortable and fairly casual for the first time in years - contrary to the usual glittery dress I've been aiming for each year. I loved this silly top with the cats in sweaters and thought these tights were just too fun and perfect with the top not to wear.

I got some great cocktail things for Christmas I am really excited to use - like some vintage style coupe glasses! Yes!

tights :: via ebay
oxfords :: born remixed
necklace :: anthropologie remixed
headband :: urban outfitters


  1. I'm always posting outfits days after I wore them too. Good to know I'm not the only one! I love your tights and shirt. Anything cat-themed is always awesome. :)

  2. Those tights are so cute on you, Katherine! And perfect for an animal lover such as yourself. I really dig 'em! I'm glad your Christmas was magical. :D It sure looks like it was. And I, too, usually don't get outfit posts up until about a week or so later. Sometimes I even stock up! :)

  3. The tights match the shirt perfectly.

    Also, cute trio of wisemen.

  4. oh my gosh that christmas tree head wear is so adorable great pics of the pups :)
    your outfit is fun it's nice to a bit casual but still cute :)

  5. Awww that hat! So adorable! I always love seeing all the pictures of your dogs.
    I tend to post my outfits after the fact too, but decided to post my New Year's Eve one on the first because why not. I went more casual this year too, so I understand!
    Also those cat tights you're wearing here are adorably awesome. They look great with your red skirt.


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