Here Comes The Sun

Fort Myers Beach, Florida

Despite the vision of Florida being all 'fun in the sun', the whole sun part was incredibly lacking for the majority of the trip. Except on the day we made it to the gulf coast to visit my friend, Leah, in Fort Myers. I was determined to get to a beach and take some photos with my seashell print dress. There are a few things I forgot :

  • I hate sand. Like, super hate it. I had this idea I was going to sit in the sand. Let's talk about how that was never actually going to happen.
  • Beaches are crazy crowded. It took us over an hour to drive the mile stretch to get to this beach!
  • Despite all of that, I always love being by water, and finding a restaurant on the water to eat at is necessary.

So, we stopped in for a bite to eat at Doc Ford's Rum Bar where we enjoyed a (very not strong) mojito and some yummy shrimp! We met up with Leah later, and I was so into catching up with her and meeting her new beau, I left my camera in my bag so I could focus a little more on what was going on around me.

Fort Myers Beach, FloridaFort Myers Beach, FloridaFort Myers Beach, FloridaFort Myers Beach, FloridaFort Myers Beach, FloridaFort Myers Beach, FloridaFort Myers Beach, FloridaFort Myers Beach, FloridaFort Myers Beach, FloridaFort Myers Beach, FloridaFort Myers Beach, FloridaFort Myers Beach, Florida

jean jacket :: target, kid's section
dress :: sugarhill boutique via modcloth remixed
belt :: anthropologie remixed
flats :: crocs remixed
necklace :: yellow owl workshop via modcloth remixed
tote :: shinzi katoh remixed
ring :: francesca's remixed


  1. Sand is truly horrible. But your seashell dress is truly adorable!

  2. That dress is amazing on you, it looks warm and super nice jealous!

  3. Sand really is so annoying. It just gets everywhere and into everything and I hate having my feet caked in it. That's why I avoid the wet sand, usually. I am on the lookout for seashell prints as I have an outfit planned in my head for when I go to Florida. I wish this dress was still available! It's so cute and the colors are perfect. Also, I love that the drink came in a mason jar!

  4. Loving that shell print! Haha I get the aversion to sand - I'm all about towels on the beach.

  5. I feel you with the sand. I hate it too! That contributes to me not being a beach person. That and my mission to keep the sun off my pale skin! You look super cute and beach-festive in that seashell print dress though. It's a great color on you and I really like the jean jacket paired with it too.

  6. This is the perfect dress to wear to the beach!! I love the print so much, and those shoes are darling! I hear ya about the sand, I am not the biggest fan, it gets everywhere and in everything!
    Also mojitos and seafood is the best combination ever, now I want some

  7. I cannot believe your shoes are Crocs!

  8. After getting news that it's supposed to be -40 tomorrow, I can't tell you how jealous I am of your seriously cute dress and bare legs. Can I just be you in these pictures? Also, I don't think there's ever been a time where I've been on your blog and haven't left with my mouth watering from your delicious looking food photos.

  9. This dress is adorable! oh how I would love for this weather.



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