My outfit posts are going to be some wonky mash-up of where I have been the last three weeks - which basically was not Pennsylvania. This is another post from Akron - taken at a restaurant that I've been going to with Jason and his family since I met him. I find it a very midwest thing the idea of a restaurant in a barn - it's really quite popular in Ohio (and Pennsylvania, now that I'm noticing it) - this quaint country-style restaurant in the middle of nowhere in a barn. I've grown up around them, so I never thought twice about it until recently. I love this one in particular because of the collection of old cameras I get to look at whenever we go. I was intent on dressing for the occasion with what I perceive as my most barn-like skirt (I wore it to the farm show for the same reason) and my animal print blouses - since the one place animals do belong is in a barn.

coat :: dear creatures remixed
dress as top :: charlie jade via macy's remixed
cardigan :: loft remixed
mountain a-line skirt :: anthropologie (on ebay) remixed
boots :: via dsw remixed
headwrap :: from belt of dress


  1. I love the way your top and headwrap are the same material! Very coordinated and lovely. Nice satchel too!

    Magali x
    Petite Gingembre

  2. You look darling in this. I've never seen a restaurant in a barn, but it looks fun.

  3. We don't really have things like this around here. I want restaurants that are in old barns! I love country restaurants like this. Also, I enjoy how your headband matches your shirt. The print is really adorable and I love the colors!

    As much as the snow is super pretty, I'm already sick of winter. Bring on, spring!

  4. I seriously love the pattern mixing going on here, and the snow and setting are beautiful.


  5. love the coat and snow pics :)
    that coat is super cute :)

  6. And that top is a dress, too?! How perfect! I love cute little animal prints :]

  7. That restaurant looks decidedly cosy in all that snow! It looks pretty deep out there. How beautiful!

  8. Hi..!
    I've been a follower for a while, & yet never left a comment. My goal for 2014 is to share my appreciation with people I like, so yes! here I am! I really loooove your blog & your style - you're a great inspiration <3

  9. Gorgeous outfit and photos!


  10. You look so adorable - that skirt is so great! And I'm loving the snow/barn pictures - just perfect for this time of year. Hope that you had fantastic travels.



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