I really wanted to take photos of Jason and myself all around the place we fell in love - our college, the University of Cincinnati. We were super fortunate to have a great campus full of beautiful architecture, even if our college experience wasn't something to write home about. We set up in front of the engineering building outside of our old parking garage - we used to walk this walkway together often. Something to note about our college campus is it is a bunch of buildings and hills in the middle of a city block all crammed together, creating some of the worst wind tunnels ever. It's terribly windy. So guess what happened after a few of these photos? A wind gust came through, and we watched our brand new camera come crashing to the ground. We're lucky it's still in perfect condition sans a few nicks, but we were able to recoop and take more photos around campus, even if just of me. Most of these are taken around a small green area of campus strewn with pathways known as Sigma Sigma Commons - where Jason and I had our first kiss. We lived in a dorm nearby, and spent a lot of our freshman year in college climbing up the giant hill known as 'Main Street' and eating in whatever restaurants we could walk to. It's always interesting to come back and remember how familiar these places were and still feel.

pea coat :: j crew remixed
sweater :: j crew factory remixed
skirt :: anthropologie (on ebay now) remixed
tights :: old navy remixed
shoes :: marc jacobs remixed
clutch :: kate spade remixed
necklace :: etsy remixed
ring :: c/o uncommon goods remixed


  1. what an adorable skirt!! you both look lovely :))


  2. This is such a great post, I love that the pictures are at your college where you two met, that's really sweet!! And this skirt is amazing, I love the bit of glitter, so perfect with the blue of you cardigan and coat :D

  3. What sweet photos! I love hearing about all of your together married adventures because I know how hard it was while you guys were separated. Hooray! I love your clutch and necklace! So cute!

  4. It's always fun to visit nostalgic places. I still love driving the route I took to get to where I went to college my freshman year. I also still visit my high school sometimes! It's weird how some places never change and the minute you walk into them, it's like you walked into the past.

  5. Love all the incredible detail shots on this! Such a sweet idea to go back to where you guys met :]

  6. Oh my goodness, how scary to watch your camera fall like that! Eeeep, that's one of my biggest fears. I'm so glad that it's okay though. Major sigh of relief! *____* This is such a darling set of photos, Katherine, and I especially admire your detail shots (the one of the shoes to be specific--pretty, pretty!)


  7. Ah! Romantic college sweethearts :)

    Also, great detail shots

  8. you look gorgeous! love this shoot. so sentimental
    ladies in navy

  9. You look so adorable as always Katherine! I've missed our little discussions back and forth! -Jess L

  10. I really like your blue coat.



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