Ah, the last outfit from Florida. I've been sitting around envying myself too because these were all taken at the end of December, and I'm suffering the below 20 degree weather and snow also. We kept busy in Orlando - treating ourselves to at least one afternoon out at World of Beer.


We were really excited to finally try out the new Hollywood Drive In Golf at Universal Studios. We chose both courses (which left us really tired as we were there almost until midnight!) but also was really fun. The pictures were fun to take - but a pain to edit as it was so dark!


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Fort Myers Beach, Florida

Despite the vision of Florida being all 'fun in the sun', the whole sun part was incredibly lacking for the majority of the trip. Except on the day we made it to the gulf coast to visit my friend, Leah, in Fort Myers. I was determined to get to a beach and take some photos with my seashell print dress. There are a few things I forgot :

  • I hate sand. Like, super hate it. I had this idea I was going to sit in the sand. Let's talk about how that was never actually going to happen.
  • Beaches are crazy crowded. It took us over an hour to drive the mile stretch to get to this beach!
  • Despite all of that, I always love being by water, and finding a restaurant on the water to eat at is necessary.

So, we stopped in for a bite to eat at Doc Ford's Rum Bar where we enjoyed a (very not strong) mojito and some yummy shrimp! We met up with Leah later, and I was so into catching up with her and meeting her new beau, I left my camera in my bag so I could focus a little more on what was going on around me.

Fort Myers Beach, FloridaFort Myers Beach, FloridaFort Myers Beach, FloridaFort Myers Beach, FloridaFort Myers Beach, FloridaFort Myers Beach, FloridaFort Myers Beach, FloridaFort Myers Beach, FloridaFort Myers Beach, FloridaFort Myers Beach, FloridaFort Myers Beach, FloridaFort Myers Beach, Florida

jean jacket :: target, kid's section
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Panasonic GX7

Well, by now photos from our Canon 60D have been gone from the blog for a few weeks, and photos from our new camera are filling up the posts. I've mentioned the camera issues before, but I was kind of waiting to share details since we made the switch to a non-DSLR. A micro 4/3rds camera, or a DSLM, seemed the way to go for us. I'll explain why, but if you just want a quick summary before the break : we moved to a mirrorless system due to the reduction in size and weight that did not compromise our image quality, at all. Despite a slightly smaller sensor (what really affects image quality other than lenses) than our 60D, the resolution has stayed nearly the same, and the quality of our images has improved. The camera is also much easier to carry around, which is important with a style blog like this where we travel and carry the camera with us so often. You can read on to figure out more about our micro 4/3rds system.

Have you seen this Kia commercial? I'm not going to lie, I love these hamsters, and when I saw this 'All Buff. No Fluff.' shirt, I was in love. Teemo needed one. Only, that wasn't Teemo's style. He needed 'All Fluff. No Buff.'. So here's a template and an easy way to transform a cheap eBay puppy tee into something fun!

What You'll Need

  • Cheap Puppy Tee (I got mine here)
  • Freezer Paper
  • Fabric Paint
  • Exacto Blade
  • Iron & Ironing Board
  • Sponge Brush
  • Small Paint Brush

For a more detailed tutorial on stenciling with freezer paper, check out my tutorial on Cut Out and Keep. First, you will need to print this PDF at the size of your t-shirt. Measure your dogs back from Front leg to front leg, then decrease a bit. Basically, you need the words to go across the top of your dog's back. Print out the image on normal paper, tape to a piece of freezer paper, and carefully cut out with an exacto blade with bridges for letters with white insides (like O and B) as seen above.

Once cut out, place a few sheets of scrap of paper inside the tee shirt, and iron slightly. Iron the freezer paper onto the tee shirt - it will stick well - until flat and completely stuck to the tee. Paint with a spronge brush over the stencil. Allow to dry, remove, and fill in any gaps with a thin paint brush - and voila!

Arribada Current Dress

I don't own a horse print dress (perhaps because I'm not a big horse person), so I couldn't ring in the new year on theme, but I at least could dress in a more fun print! This turtle print dress is comfortable enough to wear all day, and not fancy enough to get me stares if I wear it at a time other than night. We had a relatively relaxed evening in - except for a few moments to take the pups to downtown Celebration to watch it "snow" (weird soap bubbles that fill the main street).  Enjoying games with family and having a nice, meal in was the best thing for us - especially with Jason's aunt making the most delicious pretzels ever. There are no photos, we ate them all far too fast.

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When You're Curious (Downtown Disney Outfit)

I suppose going to downtown Disney isn't the most interesting of things we did this vacation, but it's always fun, a bit crowded, and somewhat of an adventure. It feels like tradition - I have good memories at downtown Disney - going all the way back to a high school trip with marching band - so it's a place I tie pretty much directly to happiness. Over the years, it's felt very different to me, even if it's remained mostly the same, and that is perhaps that sometimes my curiosity pulls me in different ways. I find myself entering from a different parking lot and finding some weird corner we've never seen before, or visiting Disney Quest for the first time during a trip to see Jason last year. Even if the small strip of shops and dining doesn't change, I change, so it changes to me. This is the same reason Disney does not bore me either - there is always something new to me, even if it's not new to the world, because I didn't manage to notice it before.

When You're Curious (Downtown Disney Outfit)When You're Curious (Downtown Disney Outfit)When You're Curious (Downtown Disney Outfit)When You're Curious (Downtown Disney Outfit)When You're Curious (Downtown Disney Outfit)When You're Curious (Downtown Disney Outfit)When You're Curious (Downtown Disney Outfit)When You're Curious (Downtown Disney Outfit)When You're Curious (Downtown Disney Outfit)When You're Curious (Downtown Disney Outfit)

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scarf :: ebay
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