What Does The Fox Say?

My love for foxes has been easily satisfied with the 'What Does The Fox Say Craze' seeming to keep fox related items trending and popular - which means all of what I love is easy to find. This Anthropologie tee was similar to a fox print one last year that I didn't love the fit of, but this one is so comfortable and easy to wear I've had trouble taking it off. I was excited for a fox inspired post - and I thought this Robin Hood themed restaurant here in town would just be the perfect place for photos. I'm excited to go back in the spring when the tree house aspect is open and more lively, but even for now, the place is pretty darn adorable!

peacoat :: j crew
creature feature tee :: anthropologie
skirt :: francesca's remixed
bag :: ebay remixed
hat :: handmade remixed
ring :: modcloth remixed
earrings :: brainbow via etsy remixed


  1. Replies
    1. It's on sale at Anthropologie for $30 - but I am not sure any are left! Definitely call around some stores though - they might have it.

  2. Great outfit! x

  3. You need to take me shopping, I can never find a single thing that looks or fits right. Love that blue coat!

  4. Ha! A Robin Hood themed restaurant really is perfect for Fox Things. My sister texted me just yesterday to let me know that Disney's Robin Hood was on Netlifx so this is especially amusing.

    You, of course, look so stylish too.

  5. What a cool looking restaurant! I love when restaurants have themes. I'm such a sucker for themes and touristy things...haha. I'm not that big a fan of foxes, but I do think they are cute and I love your top! Animal printed things are always fun. :)

  6. Ooohooohooo, I love the picture of that fox ring on the end of that twisty ole tree! What a neat shot. I do appreciate your detail shots, Miss Katherine, and I know I tell you that a ton buT IT'S TRUE!! You look precious as always.

    I hope your weekend is awesome. EAT ALL THE CHRISTMAS THINGS!!

  7. This red and blue looks so great together! The foxes are so cute :]

  8. So what does the fox say?! Haha. I love all the cute fox-themed elements :)

  9. I have the tee from last year and you're right, the fit is strange. I think I've worn it maybe twice. The material is also incredibly thin and I'm afraid to wash it! I haven't tried this year's tee on but I figured since I never wear the other one, I probably wouldn't wear this one either. They are absolutely adorable though!

  10. And now that song is going to be stuck in my head for the rest of the day ;-)

  11. Cute shirt! I think foxes kind or look like corgis. Of course you know I adore corgis! Merry Christmas to you and your darling pups!

  12. Hooray for animal print clothing! I love your fox shirt! I also really love the red and blue color scheme in this outfit. I think that may be my favorite color combination ever. So cute!


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