The Uniform

I think something that style blogs often fail to show are the 'everyday' outfits we sport. I definitely have a favorite 'uniform' so to speak for work every day, especially with the chilly days and wavering office temperatures. It goes something like this.
  • Cardigan, probably from J Crew Factory
  • Knit dress, most likely one of my 6 Sparkle & Fade skater dresses (love them)
  • Tights, perhaps some fun tights since said knit dresses are solid colored
  • Flats of some sort
  • A ring or two
  • A scarf, probably this red/blue/orange/gold/purple pashmina my mother in law got me
  • One of the less dressy or long coats I own
  • Satchel like purse. This Fossil purse has been a standard since I got it - it's small enough for everyday use and keeps me from carrying way too much.

I was lucky that this day at work was the perfect day for a photo shoot - randomly 60 degrees and strangely foggy for a Thursday in December. It was nice to go outside and take my coat off and not freeze. Harrisburg is appropriately grey for winter - I wonder if I will ever make it somewhere that isn't just 'grey' all over for 3 months of the year, as all the places I have lived fit into that.

Also, I'm not texting in my photos. That's going to be life from here on out as my cell phone is now my camera remote.

cardigan :: c/o august wrinkle remixed
belt :: anthropologie remixed
tights :: target
oxfords :: born remixed
ring :: kiel mead remixed
scarf :: gift (similar on ebay) remixed
coat :: loft remixed
memoir flap satchel :: c/o fossil remixed


  1. So pretty! I really like your bag!

    XO Imke

  2. I appreciate the macro shots in this post! I like to see details, and not enough blogs satisfy me in that department. Re: daily uniforms--we must be reading different blogs. In particular, Room 334 comes to mind for me as a blog that tends to stick to a basic formula.

    1. Thanks - and I can see that! I suppose these are more of the outfits I never feel are really stylish/different enough to post on my blog. I try to avoid my own formulas when creating outfit posts, but less so when I'm dressing myself for work because who wants to be creative at 7am? Not I!

  3. It looks like you are in Europe. I can't believe that is PA! Beautiful location, pretty tights :)

    ♥ Naomi Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups

  4. Obsessed with that photo of you in front of the bus / street scene. I really like your metallic flats too.
    xx Abby | a geek tragedy

  5. Man I'm in love with the fun mix of prints in this outfit. Your leopard satchel is amazing and I think I need one like that in my life. I also really like your coat. This is an adorable everyday outfit. I actually feel like I see a lot of everyday outfits in the blogs I read - at least most of them. I pretty much wear the same stuff that I wear on my blog, just if it's not on there I'm rewearing an outfit that day or wearing one of my comfy dresses for the 50 billionth time. I feel like your outfits are usually really great everyday types of outfits. Not boring, wearable, and very cute!

  6. I love all the prints! Usually when it's cold all the time and I'm not taking pictures that day, I'm just in jeans and a sweater. I sit in an office with three dudes, so might as well just be

  7. i think that is true that blogs don't show the everyday outfits as often. For me, it is partially because I shoot photos on the weekend when whatI wear is different than what I wear to work, but I love both.

    Just like I love this look of yours. It is still fashionable yet a bit cozy!

  8. Cute outfit! Your tights are so pretty!

  9. This is a pretty fantastic work uniform, I love this colour of blue on you!! I love having go-to combinations that work with multiple pieces, it just makes it that much easier to get dressed in the morning.

  10. Oh Harrisburg, it may have its problems, but the Capital building is rather pretty, I think.

    Also, I'm loving your winter uniform. That dress is great and those tights are perfect!

    Hope you are having a great holiday season!


  11. i def omit the "day to day" outfits, somedays I'll admit to being in the most bland outfit for work ever, something like black slacks and a cardi. but your outfit, this is super cute and very you and i wouldn't have thought it was a regular outfit post, great staple outfit, i esp love the scarf w/ it. do you have a sort of dress code at your office?

  12. Does the hair calf on your purse rub of in the back?

  13. Hey Evgenia - I haven't had that issue! It's stayed pretty well.


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