Crazy In Love

I love dogs. I love dog related things. So why not put them all together in one post? This new tee from Anthropologie went perfect with my new custom Teemo necklace from Crave Jewelry design! Plus, it's been awhile since I have had both pups in the photos. While visiting Cincinnati, my pups have the time in my life in my parents yard ( which has some strange strain of grass that turns brown in the winter making it super attractive - kidding - but cushy ) sniffing new scents, barking at every thing that passes, and in general being pups on vacation. See that bay window in my parents house in the background of some of these? Teemo just lounges in it all day. You can see how thrilled he is to be modeling in these photos - stupid momma ruining his relaxation spree.

hat :: handmade remixed
creature feature tee :: anthropologie
astral swing skirt :: anthropologie remixed
tights :: old navy
kate spade x keds :: via zappos remixed
rings :: kate spade & kiel mead remixed
necklace :: c/o crave jewelry design remixed


  1. I love this post, your dogs are so cute and I adore the top x

  2. Oh gosh, so much cute in so many photos! I love the one of Teemo being snuffled - he looks so happy! :]

  3. I want your shirt! I love it! Dogs are my favorite too!

  4. That top is cute cute and so are your pups : )


  5. That picture of you and teemo is sooo adorable it hurts!! Your pups are so cute, great little posers too
    I am loving this look, that puppy printed top is fantastic!

  6. love all these pictures but that first pic is just so so adorable. and your top! it's perfect.

  7. Awww Teemo and you in the first picture. So much cuteness! I absolutely love your shirt here. What a fun print! Adorable outfit, as always!

  8. Oh, I always love you in a good dog-print! This is so cute and it just seems so "Katherine" to me! :D

  9. I love the colors of your outfit and your dogs are always so wonderful!


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