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While I'm dressing up in Harry Potter colors today, I must admit, I have never found myself to fit well to the qualities of the red and gold house of Gryffindor. I loved the Harry Potter books as a kid, and I themed my room as middle schooler in a Harry Potter fashion with a wrought-iron bed and stars. I tried to learn to knit to get myself one of the house scarves - funny enough, I did learn to knit about 10 years later. I always wanted to be a Ravenclaw - smart and reserved - but in reality, every test I ever took that I didn't knowingly cheat my answers a bit, put me in Hufflepuff. The novels has great memories for me - of my sister reading them to me when I visited her, making homemade wands with my neighbors, and going to a local Harry Potter fest with them. Those days feel more distant now - I haven't even seen all of the movies since my disdain for the 4th one overcame any desire to see the rest of the series. That, and my anger towards their inability to give Daniel Radcliffe some green contact lenses.

Some random but pretty good butter beer-like butterscotch beer from a Jungle Jim's trip that day.

Perusing the local libraries bring up just as many memories. Cincinnati has an amazing library system - back in the day we would rent movies, manga, and more on a weekly basis. There are photos of me with stacks of books. Now, I can't remember the last time I touched/read a physical book (unless you count the comic books of Get Fuzzy Jason keeps around the house). It's both nice and strange to be back in these familiar aisles of books I spent so many (like 20) years around.

cardigan :: target remixed
cask party dress :: modcloth
tights :: target remixed
flats :: born remixed
necklace :: c/o uncommon goods remixed
ring :: kate spade remixed
tote :: sass and peril remixed


  1. Your outfit is adorable! Love the dress! I LOVE Harry Potter! The books are what made me want to be a writer! Although I've always loved Gryffindor (because who wouldn't want to think of themselves as brave?), I'm definitely a Hufflepuff all the way!

  2. Ok, this post has so many things I love...lol....books, libraries, HP, and now I want to read that awesome-looking Walt Disney book you were looking at! I've been thinking about how I'd like to read more about he history of Walt Disney/Disney World/Disney in general ever since that new movie Saving Mr. Banks came out, which I want to see. And you know I love the Harry Potter colors! haha. I didn't get into HP until after the entire series had already came out, but I went through it so fast! That's the same Butterbeer I had in Salem. It was alright, but I definitely couldn't finish the whole thing.

  3. Ohhh I love these pictures in the library!! And these two colours go together perfectly, love that dress! That it just so happens to reference Harry Potter is a very happy accident ;)

  4. I love that dress! And actually, I think I'm a rare one, but I've never even opened a Harry Potter book. Somehow I guessed I just missed the craze for them--I guess I wasn't paying attention?

  5. I'm a bit of a Harry Potter nerd too (though the test put me in Slytherin...and everyone agrees...), heck, I even play quidditch! (We don't fly...wish we did.) Love your outfit too, regardless of whatever house colors :]

  6. Your post reminded me that I need to get the ball rolling on the Harry Potter-themed party I've always wanted to host, haha. I always enjoy outfit posts photographed in libraries. They're such a perfect location. That dress is stunning and I love it paired with that cardigan!

  7. My hometown has a wonderful library, and when I moved to Pittsburgh for school I got to spend time in the Carnegie Library (so beautiful!)... I love libraries! And I love books! Unfortunately, my time for both has waned over the years and now I find myself reading books on my Kindle when I can. Also, I only ever read the first three or four Harry Potter books... I got frustrated with the amount of time in between each. I didn't feel like re-reading the series every three years. I really should read it all now though!

  8. I spend way too much time in the library, but for school, not pleasure and seeing your photos made me want to actually LIKE the library again. Maybe I'll add liking the library on to my list of resolutions and I always got put into Slytherin, which I think sums me up, even though I always tried to angle the tests towards Gryffindor.

  9. Always confused me they didn't give him contacts too.

    I like your HP colored outfit here. Hope you do get to the library more. I love going!

  10. we have been using that butterbeer for floats! love this post, also! ah libraries and bookstores. my favorite
    ladies in navy

  11. These library pictures are adorable. I'll definitely be utilizing our local library more next semester since I'll be home more and out at school less. They have a great online system to request books and whatnot. But anyway, hooray for the Gryffindor colors in this outfit. I think you look adorable. And amen to your statement about the colored contacts. Why? It's not that difficult to put contacts in for a role!

  12. I have no clue what I would be in regarding the Harry Potter selections, but I hear you on Ravenclaw. ;)
    Your outfit and the colors do look lovely together though!!!
    There are new Harry Potter stamps in the post office that I bought yesterday. You'd probably love them!

  13. This outfit is amazing! The colors are just absolutely perfect! I am Harry Potter obsessed too - those books are so special. I wanted to be Ravenclaw as well, but alas, it has been proven that I am a Hufflepuff. I love the idea of taking pictures in the library - so pretty!

    Hope you had a wonderful holiday, hon!



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