Beginning To Look A Lot Like...

Christmas! Our tree is up - we have been decorating - and we are getting lights up! Here's some photos of an outfit I wore while running errands and decorating our home for the holidays. Just a quickie little post - our Canon broke, and we are having SO many issues with photos lately. We were without a camera over Thanksgiving in Cincinnati, and just now in the process of selling our lenses and changing our entire lineup around.

headband :: anthropologie remixed
demin jacket :: mossimo via target remixed
strapless dress :: flying tomato remixed
scarf :: target
kate spade x keds :: via zappos remixed
rings :: gojana griffin remixed


  1. Your hair looks so amazing! Did you color it differently, or is it just longer? And I love that fish scarf.
    xx Abby | a geek tragedy

    1. It's just red! I think I tend to pull out some of the red in my editing, but these show how incredibly red it's been getting. And longer :D Thank you though - I thought it might be getting too red and looking weird.

  2. Oh no! I'm sorry about your camera. I'm sure you two will get your camera/lens situation figured out soon though.

    I think your jean jacket looks so awesome over this dotted dress. I love how you were able to style that strapless dress for cooler weather. Your scarf is absolutely fantastic too.

  3. That scarf! It's just adorable!

  4. Hi Katherine you look lovely. I hope you are well and if I don't hear from you have a great Christmas!
    xo Ilana @ My Modern Vintage

  5. That is too bad about your camera! Hope you get things sorted like you want.

    Also- that red scarf is fun- getting into the spirit but not obnoxiously so.

  6. Oh la la, I really love the shot of your rings with the blurred out background. You are such a masterful composer of pictures, Miss Katherine! I'm glad you're in the holiday spirit. Holidays are DA BEST! Especially with all the baking that I'm super pumped to do post-exam week... eeeep!


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