Last week, I got to meet up with Marine from Pictures and Paragraphs, who I met while she was working at an Anthropologie outside of Philly, in Lititz. It's an adorable little town with a yummy chocolate company right in the center and the cutest park too. We walked around, ate at Tomato Pie cafe, and had an all around enjoyable afternoon. Only thing that was not so enjoyable was coming home and realizing my camera is becoming worse for the wear, and most of my pictures didn't focus correctly. Oh, the terror that is a breaking camera.

sweater :: halogen remixed
dress :: dear creatures remixed
belt :: target remixed
weejuns :: bass remixed
bag :: my own design remixed
ring :: via the grey colt remixed
necklace :: modcloth remixed


  1. Ooohooo, THAT FIRST PICTURE, KATHERINE! Oh, it's gorgeous. The leaves are a changin' and life is great. That bridge is such a neat little location. I'm glad you were able to meet up with a friend--I can only hope one day that friend will be me! hhtehehehehe gushy mushy <3

  2. blogger meet-ups always seen fun.

  3. This first picture is so wonderful, really perfect!! That sucks that you're camera is not focusing properly, the worst! I am loving this outfit though, the dress is gorgeous, and especially with the cape. Meeting up with other bloggers is so fun :)

  4. beautiful location! :) sorry about the camera focus

  5. It was so fun meeting up with you! Lets plan something for after Thanksgiving. So lame that some of the photos were fuzzy :( Would you mind emailing me some of them?

  6. Love the red cardigan with the caramel leather accessories, so pretty!

    <3 Megan

  7. I really love your sweater, the color is pretty!

  8. I love Lititz - it is just such a cute place! Glad that you got to meet up with a blogger friend there. Bummer about the camera though.

    Also, I'm really loving your cardigan - the color is perfect on you!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, hon!



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