Rifle Paper Co Inspired Nails

Have you seen Rifle Paper Co's designs? They are pretty much everywhere these days, and her style is lovely. I particularly felt her style of drawing flowers would work well for a fall floral nail design. I used this Christmas card as inspiration.

What You'll Need
A sheer white/pink color for background (Essie in Adore-A-Ball)
A dark green color (Essie in Stylenomics would be good, the color I have isn't available anymore)
A red or orange color (Essie in Recessionista)
A taupe/brown color (Essie in Case Study)
Top Coat

Paint nails evenly with two coats of a sheer white/pink color. You may need three if your polish is particularly sheer.

Use the dark green color to draw a fern and a few sticks for berries.

Add berries in between the sticks with the red and taupe colors.

Seal with top coat.


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